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Top 5 Tips For Dating During The Holidays

The holidays are a romantic time of year, but along with all of the fun of the holiday season comes some stress as well. Our calendars are busier than ever, and between work and parties and taking care of ourselves dating can sometimes seem to take a backseat. It is possible to both have fun dating and enjoy the holiday season though.

Here are the top five tips for dating during the holidays.

1. Take it slow. If you are starting to date someone new around the holidays, it is tempting to fall into a serious relationship too soon. With family parties or work events planned, inviting the person you’re dating to come along seems like a good idea, but it can add pressure to a new relationship. It’s ok if you aren’t ready to bring someone home to Mom quite yet. Everything around the holidays seems to have a bit of intensity to it, but your relationship doesn’t have to move at a pace you aren’t comfortable with.

2. Take advantage. This time of year is chock full of great date options from ice skating to walking around with hot cider in your hands looking at beautifully decorated homes. Gather your favorite holiday DVD’s and have an all day movie marathon, complete with hot cocoa and popcorn. No matter what holiday you are celebrating this year, there is something for everyone. Forget about the standard dinner and movie date, at least until January!

3. Everything in moderation. People are naturally busier during the holiday season, with shopping, parties and events taking up much of their spare time. Making time for a new relationship might seem impossible, but it just takes some juggling and balance to make it all work. You don’t have to say yes to every party invitation or date you receive. It’s ok to tell the person that you’re dating that you need to take a night off to recharge. If you start to feel overwhelmed, communicate with them and let them know so you can find some common ground.

4. Don’t ignore the real world. Life isn’t a scene straight out of a romantic comedy, but around the holidays it can certainly feel that way. Don’t get so caught up in the dreaminess of it all that you neglect any issues in the relationship. Many times people don’t want to rock the boat around the holidays, or tel themselves that they will deal with any drama later. But just because it’s the most wonderful time of year doesn’t mean you should settle for a relationship that isn’t making you truly happy.

5. Don’t stress about gifts. If you’re wondering what gift to give your new love interest for the holidays, start small. Elaborate and expensive gifts should be saved for when you have been in a long-term relationship. Spending too much, too soon can scare the other person away or make them feel guilty if they weren’t as elaborate with their gift giving. Thoughtful gifts are always the best. If your new girlfriend likes a certain band, make her a cd with their greatest hits. Gifts that show you are paying attention and notice the small things will win her over much faster than a grand gesture with little to no meaning behind it.

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