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Top Concrete Landscape Trends for This Spring and Summer

Top Concrete Landscape Trends

Spring is just around the corner and landscapers around the country are gearing up for the busiest season of the year. The plain slab patio or standard driveway is OK, but why not make your landscape something you can show off to anyone who will stop by? Stretch your imagination or consult with a landscape design professional to come up with a creation that will spice up your lawn.

Concrete Furniture

Nothing is worse than having to drag in your lawn chairs every time a storm starts brewing or spending a beautiful Saturday scrubbing away at outdoor furniture fabric that is impossible to clean. Luckily, there is a newer furniture alternative that will alleviate those problems and more. Concrete design companies are beginning to offer custom made concrete furniture to fit customers’ outdoor needs. These companies can often make anything from tables and benches, to pool tables and ice chests. Because of the material it is made of, these sleek items last as long as you need them and they never have to be painted or refurbished.


Outdoor fireplaces are on the rise in the landscaping world, and concrete designs are included more and more in the creations. Fireplaces and fire pits last longer and fair better when constructed using concrete rather than other materials. Concrete designs also give you a wider range of design capabilities and options, allowing you to have a fireplace or fire pit that fits uniquely with you and the rest of your backyard.

Top Concrete Landscape Trends

Backyard “Stay-cation”

More and more people are choosing to stay closer to home when it comes to vacationing, so why not stay home all together? Create a mini resort type area in your backyard with the wonders of creative concrete design. People are building in-ground pools complete with a slippery concrete slide, concrete rock water falls, and decorative concrete bridges. Add in a concrete barbecue grill and a unique set of concrete furniture, and you will soon forget you are in your in your own backyard and not at a five star resort!

Driveways and Patios

If you aren’t looking for something really extravagant for your landscape, there are more simple landscape trends that you can follow to add a little excitement to your home. Patios and driveways can be poured and stamped in numerous different ways, creating a beautiful look in a once boring area. There are a variety of patterns and looks to choose from, allowing each customer to create the patio or driveway that enhances their curb appeal the most.

Whether you are rolling in the dough or working on a tight budget, there is a concrete trend out there that will fit you and your family’s needs. Research pictures and companies to find a style and service that fits into your backyard vision. If you aren’t very artistic, many landscaping companies have a creative mind that will work with you and your budget to turn your concrete landscape into something you can brag about.

Written by Robert Thompson, owner of TLC Lawncare& Landscaping, where they are one of the preferred concrete contractors Columbia MO has to offer. When it comes to decorative or stamped patios, TLC is here to help!

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