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Try These 4 Ways Of Beating The Cigarette!

Beating the cigarette has been something most of the population has tried to do with or without success. Before the technology that has overrun the world was around, people used to do it cold turkey way, accompanied by bouts of headaches, nausea and mood swings. Today it is easier and a bit different from the cold turkey method, although some purists decide to go it that way.

Cigarette smoking is an epidemic, all over the world, millions of people are hopelessly addicted and without a long lasting solution that can help them get over all the ticks that come with cigarette smoking. In actual sense, you are dealing with numerous problems brought about by this habit. They include:

i. Nicotine addiction caused by the nicotine found in the cigarette such that as you smoke, your body gets used to the nicotine and develops a dependency that helps your brain produce a large amount of dopamine, which brings about the euphoric feeling.

ii. There is the issue of oral fixation as the mouth is used to have something on it and will require that you have something to replace this.

iii. Flavor will be necessary especially for people who have a hankering for menthol
Knowing this, scientists, therapists, and doctors have come up with various tools and techniques to help people quit the habit of smoking. These include:

1. Ecig

E-cig is the short form of electronic cigarettes; a new phenomenon in the smoking world as well as a perfect tool to help anyone who is on the road to quit cigarettes. These cigarettes are made of three crucial parts, the atomizer which burns the E-liquid, the cartridge that holds the liquid and the mouthpiece and the battery, which powers the electronic cigarette.

This liquid is used in nicotine therapy because it is easy to measure the amount of nicotine intake in to the body and with time, this amount can go on decreasing as the addict tries to recover from dependency on nicotine. Apart from this, the electronic cigarette comes with other advantages such as being able to act as a perfect placebo for oral fixation as the addict heals.

Blu Cigarettes

2. Placebo

Many therapies have worked but none has shown the genius and brilliance of the placebo effect. The placebo effect is the science of using a replacement for what the addict is used for only this time you remove the one thing thy are addicted to until their brain accepts the status quo as it believes that everything is the same and sometimes fails to realize that it has something missing.
In the case of cigarettes, the doctor could prescribe ‘nicotine pills’ to replace the need for nicotine. The most important thing for the placebo effect to work is the patient needs to believe that they are getting the accurate medicine. The electronic cigarette can be used as a placebo to help in curbing oral fixation acquired by having a cigarette on your mouth.

3. Nicotine patch

Nicotine replacement is a key ingredient in the success of quitting tobacco cigarette smoking because it is responsible for addictions among cigarette smokers. This means that the smokers can do well if they did not have the smoke but received their daily dose of nicotine. The nicotine patch was designed to pass this problem as it is stuck on the skin to allow absorption of nicotine into the body.

Depending on the number of packs one used to smoke, a doctor can prescribe the best number of patches that you can use per day until dependence is done. It can be used together with the electronic cigarette as they both replace nicotine slowly, as they reduce until one day it is just the minty or chocolate flavor that is left in the liquid chamber.

movie patch

4. Hypnosis

This is a new method, but the reviews say that it is a clear and true way of helping people get over the habit of smoking. Psychoanalysts believe that hypnosis helps you to reach out to regions of your brain that depend on the nicotine and you can be able to shut the urge down. Other forms embrace going back in time in the patient’s mind to the first time he tried to smoke and cancel it such that the body has no recollection and you consequently stop smoking.

Jay is a professional blogger and a health expert who is a champion in the anti-smoking campaign. He has written articles on the South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarettes to help people understand why the E-cigs can help.

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