Wearing Bright Colors

Wearing Bright Colors

For years I wore drab, grey clothes most of the time. It just seemed easier than trying to make fashion work for me. I know that sounds lazy, but the hours and hours I would have to spend searching for clothes, trying to choose things which worked together, weren’t hours I was prepared to spend.

Wearing Bright Colors

Then along came the Internet. Suddenly I had the whole world at my fingertips! I could shop for clothes online and find whole wardrobes in the time it would usually take me to walk into town. As you can imagine, I went a little overboard. When once I had worn brown tops and black trousers, I was now wearing loud red prints and neon sneakers. I resembled a packet of skittles, much to the alarm of my family and friends.

Since those heady days, I have managed to tone down my use of bright colors to an acceptable level. I use to find clothes which work for me. If you love all things colourful, here are a few tips to help you pull off the brightly coloured look.

Choose One Statement Colour

Don’t feel you need to wear every colour under the sun all at once. Your outfit will make more of a statement if you wear one bright colour and team it with neutrals.

Black is Your Friend

Black always works when paired with clashing prints, block colours or vibrant patterns. As well as being slimming, it helps to create a balance with the shockingly bright clothes.

Put Away the Chunky Jewellery

If you are wearing bright colours, the last thing you should do (unless you are Lady Gaga) is wear huge, oversized earrings and necklaces. Not only will you look like you have walked straight out of the ‘80s, you will also be taking the attention away from the fabulous colours you have on.

Think About Your Shoes

Your footwear choices will affect whether or not you pull off that neon pink t-shirt or other fashionably bright garment. Nude heels = Yes. Cork wedges = No. It’s all about balance.

Bags Don’t Need to Match

You can use your accessories to enhance the multicoloured vibe you are working. Wearing a bright blue tank top? Go for a clashing purple or green bag, it will work, trust me!

White Can Work

Summer time is the time when you can get away with wearing white dresses or trousers. Make the most of it by using whites to provide an effective contrast with your brighter items of clothing.

Textures Matter

Plastic, leather and faux leather all look great in bright colours. Don’t stick to the same old thing, use the textures of your accessories to add to the appeal of the overall look.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to look your best when wearing the bright colours which are in this season. At least you won’t look light a traffic light, which is more than can be said for me!

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