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More Homes Sold in Leeds than Manchester in September 2012

Data which has been collected by millermetcalfesurveyors.co.uk finds that more homes were sold in Leeds than in Manchester during September 2012.

The website which is dedicated to connecting home buyers with chartered surveyors to complete HomeBuy Reports, Building Surveys and Valuation Reports, millermetcalfesurveyors.co.uk recently released figures which show that the Leeds property market is more buoyant than the other major hub of the north of England, Manchester.

In July the number of Home Buy surveys which were undertaken by miller metcalfe surveyors was 30% higher than the number of surveys completed in Manchester over the same time frame. The data released also follows suit to the report from the England and Wales Land Registry earlier in the year which found between January and March 2012 there were 904 home sales in the City of Manchester, significantly lower than the 1712 home sales in Leeds.

home for sale

When the data was examined further it was found that more flats were sold in Manchester than Leeds, 20% more in fact even though the average price for a flat in Manchester is £142,758 compared to the lower £121,020 from Leeds. But when it came to terraced houses Leeds powered ahead with 30% more sales compared to those in the City of Manchester.

In line with these figures miller metcalfe surveyors are reporting that chartered surveyors in Manchester are reporting a small increase in demand for surveyors, a 2% month on month increase from June 2012, whereas demand in Leeds has increased by 1.9%.

Despite miller metcalfe reporting a growth in the overall demand for chartered surveyors in both Leeds and Manchester property prices across the United Kingdom have continued to fall. Figures which were released by the Halifax last week found that now, from the last nine months five have seen a fall in average property prices.

Its widely recognized that if you are currently looking to purchase a house as a first time buyer or move house that now is a great time to do so. Not only are house and property prices at and all time low, but also because the banks have started to lend money for 90% mortgages for first time buyers and for home and property movers there are also some very attractive rates available. The average house price in the UK is estimated to be just one hundred and twenty five thousand pounds.

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