What to Do With Your Old Mobiles

The proper and various ways to get rid of your old mobile phones include reselling, recycling, and donating.


There comes a time or two when we all have to upgrade or get another cellphone. Even the most frugal have no choice, but to eventually surrender, and buy a new cellphone. Let’s face it- our electronic devices wear out over time, so it is inevitable to purchase another mobile from time to time. The question is what do we do to the old mobile phones when we buy new mobile phones. So, that is where reselling, recycling, and donating come into play.


One sure way to properly get rid of old mobiles is reselling them. Not only will you help preserve the environment, you will also put some money in your pockets. You can resell your cellphones at various outlets, stores, and even online. You can resell them online in areas such as EBay and Craigslist.

Of course, the older mobiles must be gently used. They must be in great condition in order to sell. Also, top of the line cellphones will have a higher probability in being sold. You can sell Blackberry, for instance. Even when you sell Htc Desire S or sell Samsung, they have a great chance to sell. They are not necessarily the top of the line products, but they are great, quality products.

You can resell a plethora of electronics. I can sell my ipad, laptop, etc. This is good for the environment, and it will put money in your pockets.


Another great way to discard old cellphones is through recycling. Rather if your phone has severe wear and tear, or don’t have any resell value, this is a sure way to go. Cellphones contain poisonous material that is very dangerous to the environment if the material leaks out. So, if you can’t resell the mobiles, or if just don’t want to sell them, then recycling is the appropriate option. Many organizations will recycle, or accept your mobile devices for recycling. In some cases, cellphones are refurbished.

Several organizations that allow this are either for-profit, non-profit, or government agencies. So, it wouldn’t be hard to find these services.


There are also several organizations that will allow donations of your old mobiles for charitable purposes. Several organizations allow donations for veterans, battered women, the homeless, and low income people. These organizations, of course, include government agencies. However, more and more for profit companies are getting involved with cellphone donations. There are 1000s of these companies involved with donating and counting.


There will always be times when we have to buy new cellphones. When this happens, we must get rid of the older cellphones accordingly. The proper ways to get rid of them are through reselling, recycling, and donating. There are several places to do any one of these things such as through outlets, facilities, online, and some charity agencies.

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