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Why All the Interest in Baja California Properties?

baja california property

Beachfront property is hotter than ever and no matter where you look on the Pacific coast of America, it seems someone has already purchased their own plot of paradise. If you desire to live on the Pacific, you must look to travel south where the North American border where the days are warm and there is still property to own.

baja california property

An Economic Upwelling

The perpetually depressed Mexican real estate market has always catered to American investors. The Mexican peso has traditionally been frozen at eleven pesos for each U.S. Dollar. This means that currency fluctuations are slow and absolutely dependent on an American market. Real estate has always been a growth market, and now that the global economic instability has subsided the Baja Californian coast is about to become one of the biggest real estate booms of all time. The weather is remarkable, security is stable, and the landscape is gorgeous. The Sea of Cortez offers twice the coastline property, and the rugged Mexican terrain breeds an independent and insular culture that welcomes American investment with open arms. Seller financing is common in Baja, if you have trouble finding loans in America on international property.


Convenient access to the United States is easily available all throughout the Baja peninsula, which is another feature which makes it attractive to international investors. There are full-service airports dotted through the province, from El Alto International Airport in La Paz to the Ensenada Airport located in the city of Ensenada. In addition to the local airports, the popular city of Tijuana and the northern border are just a stone’s throw away. Rail and road connections are thorough, reliable, and there are highways connecting most of the major cities. One convenience that American investors may not be used to is easy access to the sea and shipping. They will find their construction bills are remarkably lower when heavy construction materials are shipped by boat.

Blue Skies and Warm Waves

The weather is great in Baja California, and it is poised to get better. The mountainous landscape calms the strong Pacific winds, and the ocean remains warm most days of the year. Most cities in the area have enough elevation that flooding will never be a problem and the Baja Peninsula retains a consistent Mediterranean-like climate similar to that of its northern neighbor, Southern California.

Improvements in Security

While Mexico still struggles to maintain national security, conditions are certainly improving. Baja California has been largely spared of the crime that has troubled Central Mexico, and with the exception of Tijuana, most of Baja remains as safe and laid-back as it ever was.

Naturally the biggest attraction to Cabo San Lucas Real Estate is the ocean. Baja is one of last locations to purchase inexpensive oceanfront property on the entire continent. The Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez offer incalculable benefits to the people who own property there and the communities they found. The ocean provides economic support to all who live near it, a delicious source of inexpensive food, and endless opportunities for activities such as sailing, swimming, and surfing. Nearly everyone dreams of owning a piece of land with a view of the ocean. Baja represents the last, best chance to buy a bit of that dream. That is why Baja real estate is disappearing at an amazing pace. There has never been a better time to invest in Baja California.

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