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Why You Need To Check Up On Your Water Tank Right Now

Take a few seconds to consider your water tank. This little appliance is simple, but it has a large impact on the entire function of the home. Without your water tank, you could not wash dishes, wash clothing, or take a hot shower at the end of the day.

A water tank is a vital appliance in the home, and if something is important, you want to take care of it. Most people do not even consider that their water tanks might require maintenance, but in fact, if you have a malfunctioning water tank, you could be losing hundreds of pounds of water each year. This type of leakage obviously loses you a lot of energy and money. However, by reading this article you will be one step ahead of everone else as you will learn what some of the most common problems are, as well as how to prevent these problems.

Problems with water tanks

The most common problems with a malfunctioning tank heater include lack of heated water and wasted energy. However, in extreme cases, you may have a tank leak leading to flooding in your home. As you can probably imagine, a leaking water tank in your home can cause all sorts of problems in your home. Your tank may also leak carbon monoxide gas into your home, or cause fires or even explosions. These sorts of problems can often be extremely expensive to sort out and can be incredibly dangerous to your health, therefore it’s vital that you know how to prevent these problems from arising.

Damaged water tank

Age can also be an issue. If your water heater is older than 12 years, you might need to replace it. According to Energy Savers, high efficiency water tanks are ideal for saving energy and money each month, so if you’re going to get a new water tank make sure it’s really efficient as this will bring you the most benefit in the long run.

Preventing tank problems

The best way to eliminate the problems associated with faulty water heaters is through preventative maintenance. You can use a combination of DIY help and professional maintenance to keep your tank running properly, and to avoid any of the issues that were mentioned previously.

Each season; check your heater for rust and signs of leaking. Any signs of staining, corrosion, and flaking paint could indicate a problem. If you see any of these signs, contact a professional right away to inspect the unit and make any necessary repairs or replacements.


If there are no signs of damage to the tank, there are two things you can do yourself to prolong the life of your tank. First, you can drain the tank to remove sediment once a year. Second, you should test the temperature and pressure release valves to make sure they are working properly. The sediment at the bottom of your tank is caused by the minerals in the water. Too much sediment clogs your heater, shortens its life, and reduces its efficiency. Most tanks come with a drain valve where you can easily remove the water and clean out any sediment. The best way to find out how to do these two tasks is to allow a professional to show you like the experts at Fischer Plumbers, and ask them to instruct you how to do it in the future. This will prevent unnecessary safety risks.

Install a carbon monoxide alarm near your water tank. This will help detect any leaking gas before it causes problems in your home. Carbon monoxide is undetectable by humans, so it is extremely important to protect yourself from the dangerous gas! A professional can help you install your alarm properly, if you are unsure of how to do it.

It doesn’t take much to ensure that your water tank is functioning beautifully and safely. With a little attention, your water tank will provide you with years of quality, safe service that you can rely on.

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