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Why You Should Hire a Moving Company

Once you’ve selected your new home and you’ve managed to find a buyer for your property, you will know in advance that you’re going to be making many decisions about mortgages, furniture, color designs and the best method to move your household goods to their new location. You might be considering do-it-yourself if you’re moving from Mussleburgh to Portobello, but if your move is taking you from Dunfermline to Dundee, wouldn’t you rather choose a professional company to move your belongings for you rather than suffer the fate of your own rental van problems?

Despite the recession, most people still need to move a property full of high-tech and electrical goods. Many households have a number of televisions in the living room, kitchen and each bedroom. When you add these to mum and dad’s computer system and your individual children’s computers, hi-fi and games machines, it doesn’t take long to realize that homeowners are moving £20 -£50,000 of household goods and valuables to a new location.

Checking your insurance

If you are going to move your house contents yourself and with a few sets of volunteer helping hands, you should check with your current insurance company and if you’re changing your policy, with your new insurance company, to ensure that all of your household goods are insured properly while they are in transit, because although accidents only ever happen to somebody else, you wouldn’t want it to be your turn.

Who is going to complete the packing?

You should never underestimate the enormous task of packing up your entire household, including your garage and sheds in preparation of moving it all to a new location. For the amateur packer, this task alone can take several weeks unless you are prepared to take a week away from work and ask a few friends in to help.

Using a professional packer can save you a lot of stress and potential grey hair. A team of professional packers can carefully prepare all of your items for travel and have them loaded into their van in a couple of days.

Your moving company will include insurance cover for all of your family’s contents as they will be directly responsible for moving everything from A to B.

In reality, you might have moved home when you were younger and with just a few boxes. That’s the type of move that most people can undertake quite easily. Once you’re moving the equivalent of several hundred boxes you must be sure that you can complete the task at hand within the time constraints for your van rental without facing overdue charges.

There will be serious repercussions if you cannot manage to move out of your home successfully, just as a new family is waiting to move in. You might face the expense of having to place the new family in a hotel overnight if you haven’t moved out successfully and given them sufficient time to move in on the same day.

You shouldn’t underestimate the size of this task which you will undertake perhaps, three or four times in your lifetime. Professional movers are helping people move home every single day of the week so it may not be worth your while trying to save a few hundred pounds when a single accident to your favorite painting by one of your helping movers could cost you more money in an instant.

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