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Wine Glasses Can Make a Table

wine glasses

The symbiotic relationship between wine and stemware is a relatively recent discovery. Semillons agree that in order to get maximum enjoyment from your wine, particular wine glasses are needed based on the varietals, which they hold. And, just as the structure of the wine glass can enhance the taste of the wine, the aesthetics of it can greatly enhance the experience of the guests in whose hands they’re held. Subsequently, a blend of structure, design and durability is needed in order to provide a well-rounded event, but selecting the right wine glass to fit both the occasion, your budget and the wine isn’t always easy.

wine glasses

3 Stemware rules to live by to ensure the glasses make (and not break) the table:

Rule #1

First and foremost, always pay close attention to the material from which the glass is made. Because a part of the enjoyment of wine is formed from the appreciation of its colour, select glasses that are clear. The Vinotque range is a good place to start if you want a glass that’s both crystal clear and hardwearing. The collection consists of a series of extra strong, wine-specific glasses.

Rule #2

Size does count. Make sure that you select glasses, which are large enough to hold the right amount of wine whilst leaving enough space for the wine to swirl. The Open Up glassware range offers a superb capacity thanks to its unique inverted curve design. A great basic for any event, the stemware’s innovative design shape allows young wines to rapidly and flawlessly oxygenate, providing an excellent tasting experience in three universal options and one distinct champagne flute.

Rule #3

Different types of wines require different types of wine glasses. Reds need a larger bowl, whereas your whites and shirazes require a smaller one with a higher neck. The Grands Cépages collection of stemware are designed to enhance wines created from the most exceptional red and white grape varieties. These wine glasses are available in varying sizes to ensure excellent appreciation of a wide variety of wines, from the most tannic and spicy to the most tender and fruity; while the white wine glasses magnify the aromatic depth of superb whites.

Rule #4

Lastly, the shape of the bowl is important. Not only does a slightly tapered glass add an element of sophistication to the dinner table but it’s functional too. The tapered shape works to concentrate the aromas towards the nose – a vital part of the wine experience. For your function, consider stemware that has a decent rim to bowl ration like the Verdi Glassware range. Every item, from their champagne flute to dessert wine glass, has been carefully crafted with a soft, tapered neck to provide ample aroma availability and plenty of aesthetic appeal.

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