Yoga in the Present-day Lifestyle

Do you feel energy-drained and stressed out at the end of each day? Has your work taken a toll on you and you feel distant from your loved ones? Do you want to be fit and calm? If your answer is in positive to all these questions then you definitely need help.

Yoga is the prime solution to all your worries. Yogic practices were developed thousands of years ago in the ancient Indian philosophies in order to achieve spiritual enlightenment. The word yoga means ‘to unite’, that is unity of the body and the mind. Awareness of the body and the breath, called “dhyey dhaarna” and “praan dhaarna” respectively, is the rule followed for which various asanas are to be practiced. Considering the miraculous effects of yoga, it is no wonder that today millions of people worldwide swear by the benefits of yoga.

In a highly demanding lifestyle like ours, yoga not only helps achieve equilibrium between the body and the mind, but also helps to bring about mental and physical relief. A few minutes of yoga everyday can contribute towards achieving remarkable results. The various benefits of yoga are:

  • The first most advantage of yoga is that it lowers down stress levels drastically. People who have been practicing yoga suggest of reduced stress levels, improved well-being and happiness.
  • The junk-food that we everyday feed into our systems makes us fat and flabby. Yoga also helps reduce body weight courtesy the heavy-duty yet relaxed asanas which aid in improving our digestive systems.
  • In a sedentary lifestyle like ours where all the work is done by just a few clicks on the computer, yoga helps in toning the body and increasing its flexibility as every part of your body is worked up on while stretching during the asanas.
  • Yoga works miraculously on bones, muscles and joints as the different yogic postures provide lubrication to them.
  • Inner peace and tranquility is what we all seek for all the time. Every day’s stress affects the mind gradually but terribly. Yoga helps achieve high levels of peace and tranquility. With every breath a sense of peace and calmness is inhaled in.
  • Yoga helps in increased awareness as it is basically being aware about your body and breath. Improved, that is long and relaxed; breathing is also visibly noticed just within a few days.
  • Do you feel a burn out just after a few kilometers of running? Yoga provides for increased metabolism, energy and stamina too.
  • All in all yoga provides for all round fitness for a person seeking to achieve a hold in life.

Yoga involves meditation; meditation by complete focus on body postures and breaths. There are various types of yoga that one can practice, namely, Ashtang yoga, hatha yoga, bikram yoga, jivamukti yoga, to name a few. The basics are all the same, awareness of the body and mind, but style is different. Adopt one of these and the improvement in your life will be for you and others to see.

During the last few years, Yoga has gained tremendous popularity in the West and is no longer limited to India.

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