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6 Tips to Use Facebook to Promote a New Business

Why Facebook is a good platform to spread the word about your new business fairly quickly? That’s because it is the biggest social media platform that people constantly use every day. It’s that simple. It means that you will likely meet your customers on Facebook. Also, using Facebook will strengthen your ‘social reputation’ that will help you to establish a solid reputation for your business. The more people follow your business on Facebook, the more powerful it will be in attracting new customers to your new business. Here are 6 tips to use Facebook to promote a new business:

1.Professional Images

Professional images will give your readers an impression that your business is reputable and reliable. Moreover, professional images will help you to attract more likes quickly for your Facebook page.Without strong and appealing visual presentation, you can get a good first impression for your business.

2.Take A Look At Successful Page

If you don’t know what you should do in your Facebook page, you should take a look at the successful Facebook page and see the elements in that page that makes it appealing for the followers. Then, ‘copy’ the layout of that page for your own page. Don’t forget to modify it to suit your need. Add more elements that can make your page more appealing.

3.Promote your Facebook page using Facebook Ads

This is a convenient way to add more likes to your Facebook page very quickly. You don’t want to overspend your budget for this promotion, but it is necessary for your success. When you have a good number of likes, you’ll be able to attract more likes automatically. But, you should attract your initial followers quickly using Facebook Ads. This will speed up your promotional effort.

4.Offer Free Stuff For Your Readers

You can also offer a free stuff for your readers (something like a special discount or free report) and encourage them to like your Facebook page. In this way, you will attract your first time clients very quickly. In order to do this effectively, you need to build a blog and update your blog regularly with new content. You can also send this promotional offer to your mailing list subscribers and joint venture partners.

5.Update Your Facebook Page With Valuable Status Updates

You can also publish useful content to your Facebook page. Some clever business people will use their Facebook page to hold a contest for their followers. This is proven to be effective in raising your audience’s interest toward your business. Remember that your business is still new. So, you need to give away lots of bonuses for your followers in order to win their trust.

6.Don’t Abandon Your Interested Audience

Sometimes, your audience will write comment on your Facebook status updates, expressing their interest to know more about your business. Some of bad businesspeople will ignore such comments. They’ll message the person directly instead of replying their comments in their status updates. But, it is not a good thing to do. Yes, the person will get your message and becomes more interested toward your business. But, other potential customers will regard you as someone who is abandoning his potential customers. So, don’t abandon your audience’s comment. Give them your reply as soon as possible. It will show them that your business is reliable.

Those are 6 tips you can use to promote your new business using Facebook. Facebook is an effective platform to spread the word about your business virally. Those tips will help you to get maximum result from your Facebook promotion.

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