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3 Common Relationship Problems and How To Handle Them

Relationship Advise

Every couple has their own set of issues and problems, but they don’t have to destroy your relationship. What really matters is how you handle these common relationship problems together. While there is no such thing as a perfect relationship, you can have the perfect relationship for you.

Relationship Advise

Here are three common relationship problems and how to handle them.

You don’t spend enough time together. One of the biggest issues many couples face is that they simply don’t get to spend very much time together. Between work, hobbies and social events, our busy schedules sometimes don’t leave much room for romance and couples often complain of feeling disconnected. Most often, one person is busier than the other, which can lead to resentment and frustration. If it’s your schedule that is holding you back from spending time with your significant other, take a long hard look at why this is happening. Do your best to rearrange your schedule and make sure your partner knows he or she is a huge priority for you. When you’re swamped, it’s the little things that matter the most, whether it be scheduling a quick lunch date or stopping by their house on your way home from the office.

You fight dirty. Every couple fights, and disagreements can actually strengthen your relationship. How you fight is more important than if you fight. Use these bumps in the road to discuss important topics and handle small issues before they escalate into a blow out. However, fights should not be free for all’s to be rude or mean to one another. If you resort to name calling or become passive aggressive when things aren’t going smoothly, it might be a sign that your relationship needs some work. Make a pact to tackle fights with a “we” mentality versus just trying to be right all the time!

You dislike their friends. When you start dating someone, you enter into a relationship of sorts with their family and friends. For the most part, this tends to work out well. Unfortunately, there are some situations where no matter how hard you try, you can’t stand your partner’s inner circle. Instead of constantly complaining about how annoying they are, do your best to make an effort to get to know them and see what your significant other loves about them. Forcing your partner to not hang out with them and trying to get in the way of their friendship will only push your boyfriend or girlfriend away. Avoid them whenever possible and if you can’t, follow the number one rule-kill them with kindness!

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