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How To Make Your Website More Professional

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We all know how important are first impressions – the same goes for the website. Especially business websites. When a visitor comes to your homepage you have just a couple of seconds to grab his attention. Some statistical data show that the first eight seconds are the most crucial ones.

That’s why you should pay attention to your site’s design and overall user experience, no matter the industry you work in.

Here are some questions to consider before taking any action:

  1. Is your main message visible immediately when a user lands to the homepage?
  2. Is the navigation on point – do users know where to click next?
  3. Is the call-to-action button visible enough?

Now, it is time to take the first steps toward improving your business website and making it look more professional. Let’s start.

First things first – is your website well optimized for mobile?

Mobile traffic has overtaken desktop. That’s a fact you shouldn’t ignore and you should act accordingly. Your website layout, images, and all necessary elements should be optimized for all mobile devices, all browsers.

Remember, mobile users, don’t want to spend much time trying to zoom in a text or image, or figuring out where to tap next. Your UX must be on point, especially since all crucial website information is packed on a small screen.

If your website is built by a developer or an agency, just highlight the importance of making your website mobile-friendly. On the other hand, if you crafted a website using a website builder, usually their themes or templates are already adjusted to mobile devices, however, don’t forget to double-check…

Make your content stand out with engaging fonts

If you want to play safe, you’ll go for Sans Serif fonts. Without additional adjustments, your text will look good. However, we strongly recommend that you think outside of the box, to play with other font families, and embrace more eye-catching fonts.

The trend for the upcoming year is to experiment with both font styles and sizes, to add some highlights or even underlined text. The more noticeable your text is, the higher are the chances that your site visitors will actually spend time reading your content.

Since the goal is to make your website look more professional, the font family should be aligned with your overall brand guidelines and style. Here are some popular choices for 2020: FF Meta, TT Norms Pro, Ambit Helvetica Now, Plantain, Futura PT.

One thing to keep in mind when playing with fonts is if to make sure that all characters look well.

This goes especially for multilingual websites.

Ubuntu’s philosophy, which states that every user should be able to use their software in the language of their choice, coincides with our strategy of presenting content in two additional languages – Serbian and French. Both languages are made up of scripts that imply special characters that Ubuntu fully supports – explains a designer that was in charge of the new OSM brand identity.

Dynamic content vs images

Video took over static images a few years ago. If you want to improve your conversion rate, then invest time in creating an engaging video – we assure you that you’ll see a boost in your conversions!

Here’s a fun fact: Video traffic takes almost 80% of all consumer internet traffic and video marketing is one of the main channels digital marketers focus on. And we all know that they are on top of the new trends, right?

Why is that?

Simply because visitors don’t have that much time to spend reading, they prefer to consume information quickly.

Spice up your icons and menus

One of the main doubts designers are having nowadays is whether to go for a clean, simple design or to create some excitement. Well, the best practices show that the combination of both is the best solution.

Simple, easy navigation goes without saying. However, how about adding some fun shapes to your hamburger menu? Or, add dynamic moments to your icons? If your website is mainly black or white, just imagine the effect you’ll get with a pop of bright colors! Check Pinterest for some creative ideas.

What to do next?

Now that you put the effort in (re)designing your business website it is time to reap of the benefits! However, additional improvements can always be made. that’s why it is very important to set up and monitor your site’s analytics. Check which buttons, landing pages, or content perform the best and make adjustments to optimize your design even better! Good luck!

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