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7 Astounding DIY Room Decors

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Often times, we find ourselves on a decorating and organizing rampage, and yet we still have our minds scattered and still not having set up a final game plan for decorating the interiors of our home. Let’s face it, we all want to try all the ideas suggested and recommended to us, while also considering our own designs to try on hand. It’s just difficult to juggle all the thoughts into a finalized design.

Decorating can be a challenged as it is overwhelming. But no need to worry, here are some of the simplest yet astounding room decorations you can do all by yourself, which you can proudly say that you made with your own sweat and blood – metaphorically speaking of course, don’t take it literally.

  1. Hanging Plants

hanging plants


As it is customary to give someone a pet plant as a welcoming gift, you now have an idea where to put all of those. Hanging plants are the most popular as well as the most space saving room décor to have in your new home.

All you need for your hanging planter are some recyclable containers such as glass jars or plastic takeout containers, cotton twine or rope, potting soil. You can choose from pebbles or sand that will serve as your plant’s drainage.

  1. Knitted Carpets


Knitting has long been a tradition and making a carpet is one way of putting your own flare into the interior. So why not, add and make a carpet for a more homey atmosphere? You wouldn’t have to constantly maintain it every single day, a great technique taken from carpet cleaners in Gold Coast. The procedure includes just three main ingredients: white distilled vinegar, water, and lemon essential oil. Mixing them all together and letting the carpet rest on the cleaning solution for half an hour and then leave it to dry. That’s just how simple it is.

  1. Polaroid Photos

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Having a wall feature is another cheap room styling ideas you can do for yourself and one can never go wrong with having your Polaroid photos on display. This is very simple ad fun to make considering you only have to bring out your creative side and take photos when an opportunity presents itself. One tip is to have a theme going, if you have a cream colored wall, it is best to add some color into it. Take photos about everything that have different shades of a specific color.

  1. Tree Branch Shelves

tree branch shelvesstylehive.com

Upcycling is another diy you should be aware of and the highlight for this is the usage of tree branches because believe it or not they serve a lot of purpose in adding style to your home. Use old tree branches as shelves, these can really add texture to your walls and place objects strategically. Make sure that the branches you are going to use as a shelf is wide enough for all the items you intend to place on it.

  1. Sheepskin Chair


Since it’s the fall season and Winter is coming, it can be a bit chilly. So to cozy up the room you will need to put sheepskin on your chairs since it aids in creating a laidback atmosphere in the room as well as keep the warmth inside. Fauz sheepskins are available in a variety of colors and sizes, but to help you decide which is which – if you have a dark shades of chairs, it’s best to pick white or lighter colors as it stands out more.

  1. Coffee Table from Old Crates

coffee tablehandimania.com

Take advantage of old crates and turn them inot small coffee tables, the rustic design adds to the contemporary and minimalist design to your room. Other than that, it has that vintage style to it that sets it apart from your other furniture. That coffee table for sure will surely be a great center piece to the living room.

  1. Suitcase for Chairs

suit case chairshomestory.de

Got too many travel bags you practically don’t use anymore? Then why not turn them into chairs instead. This DIY can actually be a surprising for some but all you will need for this are the old suitcases, wooden leg attachments and screws, and pillows as the cushion.

These are seven amazing ideas you can do to add character to the room you are planning on designing, plus, a total guarantee on making your room the best one there is that will suit your style!

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