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Cost And Time To Obtain A Patent

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World nowadays is a very competitive surrounding for every individual. Numerous people are working hard to earn a lot of money that would make their lives easier. Some of them are ready to do almost anything and violate other peoples’ rights. One of the most known modern violations is stealing other peoples’ ideas and inventions. This is the reason people decide to patent their new inventions and products. It is certain that it is a worthy investment in a long run but it takes a lot of time to acquire a patent for your product.

patent attorney

First of all the patent law is very complex and it requires a professional who can deal with it. It all begins with obtaining the application forms from the patent office. There are some fees that need to be taken care of. The cost of the fees during the period of the first five years is six hundred and fifty dollars. But these are not the only expenses that you will face. Since the law is complex as mentioned above it is necessary to acquire a patent attorney who is familiar with all of the patent laws. The attorney’s fees are usually high and the cost for relying on his services can range from five thousand up to eight thousand dollars. For more information about patent law you can visit a Sydney patent attorneys website.

Afterwards your step should be to visit a Patent office and fill out the Patent request form. Upon finishing this form you will receive the Provisional specification, this is a rather complex form that requires numerous information and a detailed explanation of the way your invention functions. After finishing this form you are obliged to file a complete application within twelve months upon finishing the Provisional specification. The complete application will serve as proof that you are eligible and true owner of your invention. It will also show full instructions for the usage of your invention and complete specifications of the product (including drawings, pictures), that is pretty much everything that is important regarding the invention.

Next step happens eighteen months after your first request. The Patent Office publishes your patent in their official journal. Journals are sent everywhere around the world and anyone who wishes may read or even purchase the details of your patent. This is referred to as the public inspection of the patent.

Since the publication does not imply that your patent has been approved by the Patent Office, you are obliged to request the examination of your patent by the Patent Office. There are certain fees that you should cover and you can request for an examination within five years after finishing the complete application. If, however, you forget to file a request for an examination the Patent Office will lead you to it. During the examination you will be forced to research all the comments from around the world that will point to the missing points in your patent specifications and descriptions. You are obliged to do whatever is needed to make your specifications clear and understandable to the examiners. When the examiner is satisfied with the changes you have made, your patent is finally approved. It is officially published and advertised in the official Patent Journal.

Hopefully the last step is the period of three months when anyone can file a complaint against the patent, claiming that you are not eligible. If someone does file a complaint, the case goes to Commissioner of the Patents who, after the hearing of the present sides, makes a decision who is the proper owner of the patent. If, however, there is no complaint during the period of three months your patent gets approved and you are sent a certificate. There is a sealing fee that you pay and a reminder for the future that you should renew the patent every five years. If you miss these payments your patent will expire.

These are some basic information regarding the patent acquisition that are necessary to follow. It is essential to take these steps in order to protect your invention from any kind of fraud and misuse. After finishing this process you will be eligible to produce your own product, you may also sell the patent later on and there is the possibility of leasing the patent that will get you money over time.

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