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When we say Miami, two things automatically come to our minds.  The first one is beach, and the second one is exotic cars.  A Miami vacation is fun and exciting at the same time.  It makes a tourist live up a different life while being there.  Miami offers a lot of tourist destinations not just for visitors but also for residents.

A Miami Beach weekend says it all

Not just a weekend but any other day in South beach guarantees a worth it experience.  For people who are not that into big crowds and who are looking for budget friendly packages, the best time to go to the South beach is during the off season which is from the month of May through August.  The packages including flights are cheaper and the restaurants are more peaceful with less crowd.  Other beaches like Virginia Key Beach, Haulover Beach, and Homestead Bay Front Park and Marina also ensure satisfaction regardless of your travel preference.

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Awesome hotels for an unforgettable comfort

From five star hotels to smaller eclectic hotels, they can all be found within the South beach area.  The Doubletree Surfcomber Hotel in Collins Avenue is one of the most in demand hotels as it is just a walking distance to almost everything.  Another interesting hotel is The Pelican Hotel which offers cool room types with very creative themes such as Flower Power, Big Bamboo, Best Whorehouse or Me Tarzan, and You Vain.

Not just for sun soaking but also for a great night out ever!

A variety of restaurants also awaits craving tourists who had a busy day at the beach.  Those restaurants offer almost every type of food any person can crave for like Italian food (TiramesU Restaurant, Da Leo Trattoria), Cuban meals (Yuca Restaurant), New World cuisines (Pacific Time), or a blues cafe (Van Dyke Cafe).  People watching in Lincoln road after dinner is one of the things that tourists do by the time that the sun goes out.

Other passions and interests can be fed by the Miami Beach get away.  Stores, boutiques, art galleries, and museums are some of the establishments that make Miami Beach a lively place to live in.  Interesting people from random countries and cities make the place provide a unique atmosphere.

Exotic car rentals

Exotic car rentals in Miami make every big guy’s dream come true.  Driving an exotic car along the street located in a very energetic place.  Exotic car rentals make it possible for us to drive cars that used to be unattainable before.

Exotic car rental companies ensure access to cars from limited series, rare cars, and sports vehicles or for anyone wanting to go on an adventurous off-road trip, the preference of luxury SUV car rental can also be provided.  Exotic car rentals also serve as a heaven sent gift for those people who want to impress and spoil themselves in luxury.  Renting an exotic car is now not a new service.  Companies have been offering exotic car rentals for years with satisfying results.

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Joel cordle is associated with Prestige Luxury Rentals. Joel is also a part time author, and enthusiast to improve business of car rentals in Miami.

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