Five Great Reasons to Take a Holiday in Switzerland

holiday switzerland

When the time comes to book a holiday, most of us have a very set idea about the kind of destination we want to visit. Two of the main factors we consider are the quality of the beaches and the warmth of the local climate, but sometimes it can be great fun to go somewhere just a little different. Switzerland is generally more associated with winter vacations, but it offers plenty of good reasons for a summer trip. Here are five that could tip the balance in its favour.

holiday switzerland

The scenery

For many people, the true test of a holiday destination lies in the beauty of the surroundings. A pleasant beach or coastal panorama is all very well, but what if you want more? In Switzerland, the local countryside is famously spectacular, and in the summer months it looks particularly eye-catching. Many of the more popular Alpine villages look almost as though they have been copied straight from the top of a chocolate box.

The people

In some holiday destinations tourists find themselves delighted by the place itself but disappointed by the unfriendly attitude of many of the locals. This is unlikely to ever be the case in Switzerland, because the people have a natural warmth that is always apparent. The Swiss are by nature welcoming and hospitable, and are genuinely pleased when tourists make the effort to visit their delightful country.

The cities

The short city break has grown in popularity over the last two decades, and in Switzerland there are several urban centres which are worthy of investigation. Locations such as Zurich, Geneva and Berne each have their own unique characteristics which make them very different, although they share a certain relaxed and cheerful atmosphere. The heritage of Swiss cities is a fascinating subject to discover more about.

The lakes

It goes without saying that, as a land-locked country, Switzerland can’t offer tourists the traditional beach experience that other destinations are able to, but that doesn’t mean the visitor won’t be able to enjoy the water. There are several stunning lakes that provide the perfect backdrop to any holiday, including the well-known Geneva, Lucerne and Maggiore. One of the lesser-known but equally beautiful is the Caumasee in the Grisons canton.

The mountains

There is a popular misconception that Alpine ski resorts always shut down for the summer, but this is certainly not the case in Switzerland. Many of the villages and towns are almost as busy in the warmer season as they are in winter, in fact, so be sure to pay a visit. The well-known ski resorts remain open all year, and of course they have an impressive infrastructure of hotels, restaurants, shops and attractions to offer guests.

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