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Five Ways Make Up Can Help You Conceal Your Age

Everybody wants to look like they are in their early twenties when in fact they are already in their thirties or even forties. This is the reason plenty of people spend money for surgery, as it can instantly fix any problems one may have with his or her appearance. However, such procedures come at a very expensive price and not many can afford to have plastic surgery done.

Fortunately, plastic surgery is not the only answer. For a quick fix, make up is the answer and as long as you use it the right way, you can conceal your real age.

If, however, you wonder how make up helps you look younger, then the list has five ways that show you how.

  1. Healthy Looking Cheeks. The best way to look younger is by using a warm-toned blush. After all, who doesn’t appreciate a woman that has plumb and rosy cheeks, right? People will always  view it as a of good health and young looking skin.
  1. Make Yourself Look Sunny. A sunny, bright face makes a person look warmer, more radiant, younger, and that is where the use of a highlighting cream can help. Make sure that you apply it the right way so that you do not become a laughing stock amongst your friends.
  1. Appreciate Your Lips. Aside from the eyes, what do you notice first in a woman? It’s her lips, those full, red and voluptuous lips. Lips make a woman sexy and the right application of lipstick, lip balm or lip gloss will seal the deal.
  1. Bat Those Eyelashes. While extremely long eyelashes seem exaggerated, the reason why some women do it is if done right, it can make a woman more beautiful and trick people into thinking that she is years younger than her actual age. However, using eyelashes can be a little bit tricky and you may want to experiment a bit to see what fits you the best.
  1. Learn To Conceal. The last thing you want to know about would be concealers. They hide redness, dark circles, eye bags, pimple scars, and other blemishes that make you look old, and just like any other make-up out there, you may want to make sure that you do not apply too much.

If you use these five tips above in conjunction with each other and apply just the right amounts of make up on your face, you will definitely achieve the look you want. Not only that, you can also try to experiment on the types of make-up you mix and match on your face to fit where you may be going.

Moreover, if you think that make up is only for women, then you are dead wrong. Men can also use makeup, albeit, they have to make sure that they only use certain kinds, as not all makeup fit the masculine image that a man has to maintain in society.

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