Five Wonderful Photo Opportunities in London

london beautiful sports saint martin england

There are some cities around the world which offer the chance to take the occasional impressive picture, but there are one or two which offer superb photo opportunities at almost every turn. One of them is undoubtedly London, if only because the UK’s capital gives casual snappers and serious photographers a wonderful combination of traditional and contemporary. If you’re planning a visit in the coming months, here are five images you might want to consider taking.

london beautiful sports saint martin england

An eyeful from the Eye

There are plenty of spectacular views of London from on high, such as those from the top walkway of Tower Bridge and from the observation deck at the newly-opened Shard, but nothing quite manages to beat the images from the top of the London Eye. Its convenient central location close to the Houses of Parliament makes it easy for the photographer to include plenty of instantly familiar landmarks in every image.

An evening at the Circus

Pictures of Piccadilly Circus at night may seem a little clichéd these days, but they no less spectacular for that. Wherever you position yourself here, either right in the middle or on any part of the outskirts, you will be guaranteed lively, exciting pictures that will always catch the eye. Perhaps only Times Square in New York can offer more iconic night-time city vistas than this hugely impressive location.

Shape up at the Square

Trafalgar Square is more than just a familiar London landmark. It serves as a meeting point for groups of tourists, schoolchildren and casual visitors, and as such there is always a lively hustle about the place. For the photographer, the square is large enough to be versatile yet small enough to be practical, and throughout the day and into the night it provides plenty of chances to take memorable images.

Get back to nature

Amid all the passion and excitement of urban London, there are plenty of green spaces that give residents and visitors alike a welcome chance to breathe in the fresh air amid an oasis of peace and tranquillity. Hyde Park in particular is a haven for photographers, and perhaps looks at its finest as the sun comes up in the mornings. The area around the Serpentine, a wonderfully iconic body of water, is a must-visit for snappers.

An afternoon in the Garden

Londoners who like to avoid the more tourist-centric areas of the city tend to keep away from Covent Garden at all costs, but for photographers it’s a fascinating part of town. The quirky stores and restaurants, as well as the rather eccentric street entertainers, give the place a rather attractive bohemian feel, and the beautiful buildings that surround it provide some impressive backdrops to frame your pictures.

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