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How to be young and have a healthy heart

There is no joking with your heart, it is not an organ that is forgiving and if you have a heart attack it is surely to affect your life forever. So why take that chance and not be able to live your life to the full, like it was intended to be lived? It is important to understand what makes your heart healthy and how you can help yourself reach that goal without any trouble or stress. Starts with our small tips and you will see your heart become stronger and you gaining more confidence in your health and learning to be more inventive when it comes to good nutrition and exercise.


Everyone seems to know that excess weight is a risk factor for heart disease. If you have a history of heart disease in the family, you are even more prone to the heart issues and have to pay even more care to what you eat. Bad food may seem delicious but it is a high price to pay and when you start eating healthy you will easily see that good food can be just as delicious as junk. This will take an adjustment but it is worth trying it because without the effort you may not even be able to live at all, let alone be healthy.

The first thing you can do is eat more fruit and veg. for breakfast you can cut fruit into your porridge or oats, start your lunch with a fresh salad and for dinner have steamed veggies with a nice sauce and fish or chicken. If you don’t like the taste of some vegetables, choose others or hide their taste with a yummy sauce. Sauces don’t have to be high in calories if you are smart about it and today there are many websites where you can find skinny recipes of delicious sauces and other low calories meals.Exercise is vital for a healthy heart. In order to exercise effortlessly what you can do is rent some equipment or invest into it and exercise when you watch your favorite TV show. This will be a great way to combine entertainment with physical exercise and help you learn more about your body. You will be surprised how easy it is to exercise if you do it moderately. Try a cardio exercise machine or step and just start with the speed you are comfortable with. You don’t have to be panting and screaming for your life to start on the right path, and it has to be enjoyable. Moving to music is a great way to get your exercise if you like dancing and having a good time. Stay hydrated at all times and drink enough water through the exercise as well as on a daily basis.

Taking good care of your heart can keep invasive cardiology away and let you have a great time whenever you are, keeping you strong and full of energy.

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