The Sheer Spectacle of a Florida Holiday

florida holiday

All over the world, you’ll find holiday destinations which can offer everything from fine beaches, superb stores, wonderful restaurants, enjoyable activities and impressive weather, but few of them offer all of these factors on a truly grand scale. Despite the claims of their biggest fans, the majority of these locations are able to offer something of note, but very few of them can give the visitor the complete package.

florida holiday

If you ask most experienced travelers about the most spectacular destination, the one that offers everything they ever needed and in copious quantities, the chances are they will wax lyrical about Florida. The truth is that the Sunshine State has everything you’ll ever need for the holiday of a lifetime. For European tourists, a trip to this vacation paradise won’t be cheap, but it will always be worth the expense.

It goes without saying perhaps that the main attraction of the south-eastern corner of the United States is the proliferation of exciting theme parks. These wonderful fun factories are popular with visitors of all ages, and will always be a must-visit for tourists from all over the world. A day spent at any one of the many Florida parks is always one that will create memories that are likely to last a lifetime.

More than just theme parks

But if you thought the Sunshine State was a collection of theme parks and very little else, you need to think again. Some of America’s finest beaches can be found on Florida’s Gulf and Atlantic coasts, including those at Daytona, Clearwater and, to the south, Miami. Amid a schedule of long, tiring days at the parks, setting aside a little time to enjoy the beach can ensure the fatigue levels remain within acceptable parameters.

If you happen to be a keen golfer, you will adore Florida, because many of the courses are among the finest in the whole of America. Naturally, playing this sport is always more enjoyable when the sun is shining, and the lush green fairways and slick greens mean any day spent golfing in the Sunshine State is a memorable one. The good news for those who find the time to tee off is that many courses are surprisingly affordable to play, too.

Another aspect of a Florida holiday that doesn’t always spring to mind immediately is the beauty of the local countryside. This region lends itself perfectly to motoring, a fact that isn’t lost on the thousands of tourists who hire cars and take to the roads every year. If you’re planning a visit to the Sunshine State in the coming months, you should check out the car rental deals before you fly.

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