Which Will You Prefer: Android or iOS?

ios android war

They type of operating system you prefer may influence the type of smartphone or tablet you should purchase. Not all of such devices use the same operating system. The Android operating system was developed by Google as an open operating system that is used by numerous companies across the world. The iOS operating system is a closed operating system created by Apple; wherein, only devices manufactured by Apple are able to use an iOS system. Each operating system has a set of strengths.

ios android war

Desirable Attributes

Before you decide whether or not you are an Android person or an iOS person, you should begin by determining the most desirable attributes you seek in a smartphone or tablet. Each person will have varying reasons for requiring such a device. Some people will use their device for work; whereas, other individuals will use their device primarily for playing games. Some people will use the device for watching videos, and others will simply use it as an expensive photo album or search engine. Regardless of your needs, one of the operating systems will make your life a bit easier.

Android Strengths

Android devices are spectacular in a number of areas. One of the greatest strengths you will have with an Android device over an iOS device is the fact that you will be able to use GPS navigation. This is not a feature available from Apple at this time. These map searches can be conducted without being connected to the Internet on many of such devices. Also, Android apps are often significantly less expensive than iOS apps, particularly for tablets. Yet, if you face difficulty in arranging cash to purchase any paid app, opt for same day cash loans and get instant funds.

iOS Strengths

Many people believe the iOS platform is better overall. Regardless of whether or not you agree with such a statement, these devices are superior in at least a few ways. You will have access to a significantly larger app database and access to the latest apps. The screen functionality on these devices is also superior as you scroll through websites and applications. The gap is closing; however, the difference is still somewhat noticeable.

A few years ago, the quality variation between Android and iOS was enormous. Today, the quality is far more comparable. The primary differences are simply a matter of determining which attributes are most important to you. Consider screen size, price, cameras, memory, expansions slots and other features before you determine which operating system is right for your needs.

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