A Tour into the Town of Mykonos in Greece

Mykonos Greece

The island of Mykonos in Greece is famous for its beautiful beaches and party atmosphere. However for those who prefer a quiet holiday, the scenery is stunning and Mykonos Town, otherwise known as Chora, can be the perfect getaway from all the hustle and bustle.

A must visit when in the town of Mykonos is Little Venice, a unique part of town full of picturesque medieval three story houses with colorful balconies. Many of these houses have rooms to rent and are at the heart of a vibrant area full of places to visit, restaurants, cafes and bars. The atmosphere here is a lot calmer than much of the island and the pace is a little slower and more rustic.

Mykonos Greece

The sixteenth century windmills overlooking Little Venice are a look back into the towns past, when they were used to make power to process grain. Originally the area had 20 windmills that were situated near the harbor so some of the product could be shipped off to the mainland. Today, 7 remain intact and are visited by thousands of tourists each year.

Another must see for those visiting the town of Mykonos is Panigirakis Castle. Built in the mid-twentieth century, the estate offers some of the most breath-taking views available on the whole island. Many people enjoy a picnic or romantic walk there that overlooks the quaint town of Mykonos and the ocean; the estate is also available for hire and is a popular place to hold an idyllic wedding.

The island has over 200 churches, many of which are hundreds of years old and have a rich, long history hidden behind their walls. The most famous of these is Panagia Paraportiani, which can be argued to be one of the most photographed local churches in the world. The church is made up of five whitewashed buildings that are all joined, one of which is on top of all the others. The spectacular architecture is a sight to behold and a favourite with both amateur and professional photographers.

To really get a feel for the history of the island, a visit to the various parts of the Mykonos Folk Museum would need to be on the to-do list. It is separated into three distinct parts, all equally worth a visit in their own right. The House of Kastro in Mykonos town houses many old artefacts from the town, including everyday objects, paintings and photographs. Two rooms, a kitchen and a bedroom are perfect recreations of how they would have looked in the 19th century, with great attention being paid to detail to show what life was like on the island at that time.

Lena’s house is a perfectly preserved example of an 18th century house and acts as a museum storing everyday objects from that period, in place and in context. The third part of the Mykonos Folk Museum is the Agricultural Museum. Here, you can find all things related to the island’s agricultural history, including a range of intact artefacts and equipment, and even an intact miller’s house.

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