Backpacking Tips for Travel Fanatics

travel backpack

Backpacking is not that complicated if you prepare appropriately for your trip. In fact, I was always mesmerized by the simplicity of backpacking, which makes it even more fascinating. However, the wilderness of backpacking requires you to mull over some vital backpacking tips if you are a travel fanatic. So here are some backpacking tips that you need to keep in mind:

travel backpack

Clothing Tips for Backpacking:
•    Avoid wearing cotton clothes instead consider wearing clothes made from different synthetic materials.
•    Pack in several loose fitting and lightweight clothing than carrying heavier ones.
•    Reliable and apt backpacking clothing options include a synthetic jacket, shirt, fleece/pile as well as rain or wind shell.
•    Leaving your head uncovered might result of great amount of heat loss from the body and thus, always consider a hat.
•    Use silk or synthetic gloves for getting instant warmth without compromising with the deftness.
•    For moving faster as well as saving energy while moving on a snow-filled terrain, it is best to wear hiking or trailing shoes rather than having hiking boots.
•    If traveling to a mountain backcountry

Diverse Gear Tips:
•    If indulging in loads of hiking, then it is advisable to carry a reliable and comfortable daypack that can hold a dozen of all the hiking essentials.
•    Consider taking a rain hiking pack cover
•    A proper sleeping bag must be on priority while backpacking. Generally, a bag weighing around 2 lbs is best for fall, summer and spring season hiking.
•    A thin as well as firm and light insulating ground pad plays a vital role in providing you the required warmth.
•    A good three season friendly tent is also a crucial if you are intending to hike on alpine regions. It also helps to stay safe from mosquitoes and storms.
•    Do not forget to carry an instant medical kit.
•    Sunburn is very common for hikers and thus, it is advisable to carry a good sunscreen and lip balm.
•    Also, carry insect repellent to keep away irritating mosquitoes and other insects.
•    Lighters are anytime more helpful compared to matchboxes.
•    Carry good number of baby wipes wrapped individually for washing your face and hands. These are highly convenient compared to soaps.

Cooking Tips for Backpackers:
•    Campfires are thing of past today and thus, it is best to carry a lightweight and dependable backpacking stove. It is easier, quicker, eco-friendly, flexible as well as odor free.
•    Always carry extra fuel, because colder temperatures need more fuel thus shooting up the cooking time.
•    Rather than using soap, consider rubbing alcohol for sanitizing the dinnerware.
Water and Food Tips for Backpacking:
•    Food is very vital both physiologically as well as psychologically. Ensure to bring the food you love and prefer.
•    For saving money on frozen and dried food, it is best to walk up to your local grocery store to pick some instant foods.
•    You cannot drink excess water at a time. However, a good rule is to gulp water on a frequent basis.

Camping and Hiking Tips:
•    A closed tent should be 10-15 degrees higher compared to outside temperature.
•    Make sure that you rest for around 5-10 minutes to curb the formation of lactic acid, which causes severe sore muscles.
•    If hiking on a vertical terrain at high mountains, it is advisable to follow “rest-step” method. In the rest-step technique, you relax for a few seconds on the rear leg with your knees locked taking deep breathes prior to taking the next step upwards.
•    Do not camp near the moist, wet or marshy areas to thwart mosquitoes and other insects.

Last but not the least, make sure to carry extra clothing, food and other essential backpacking gears. Prior to kick starting your hike or trail, double check all the backpacking gears. The joy and success of any backpacking trip depends greatly on your physical health so ensure that you are in good shape to enter the wild.

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