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Easy-to-follow Tips for Hair Care

Hair care does not have to be tedious and annoying. Many may think that “hair care” entails going to expensive salons, applying expensive creams and more. However, it is not like that. In fact, there are many easy things you can do on a daily basis.

Read the list below, and make them part of your daily grooming agenda, and soon these will become part of your daily habits. Further, they actually don’t take much time, and are easy to remember and do.

Comb it regularly – especially long hair
Regular combing ensures that your hair’s natural oils are well distributed.  Further, combing prevent your hair from getting unmanageable and frizzy, which can and eventually cause breakage. Even if you do keep a “bed head” look throughout the day, it is advisable to give it a quick brushing at night before you go to sleep.
Vitamin E
Vitamin E regulates skin and hair health.If your diet is deficient in Vitamin E due to allergies to certain foods, or other medical reasons, you may want to consider a Vitamin E supplement. Of course, check with your doctor before undertaking any course of nutrional supplementation.

Regular exercise
Exercise is great for your hair. Firstly, it is great for blood circulation, which is essential for skin and hair health, and delivering nutrients to the hair. Secondly, you’re sweating out a lot of toxins from your bloodstream through your skin, which not only gives you glowing skin, but also great hair.

Avoid stress

While stress may not literally cause hair to fall out, it could be the reason behind not getting out, getting enough exercise, or a poor appetite that is causing nutritional deficiencies, which can also cause hair loss.

And, stress causes many to binge on carbohydrate rich foods, disbalancing your diet, and causing protein and mineral deficiency

Use the right shampoo

There is no one size fits all approach for hair. There are pronounced differences in oily and dry hair, as well as thick and fine hair. Therefore, it is important to purchase the right shampoo for your specific hair type instead of buying a generic shampoo, based on the kind that your family uses. For this, it is important to actually identify your hair type.


Whether it is done through the application of hair oil, conditioners or even visit to the spa for a hair salon, regular conditioning is a must for good hair health

Address dandruff – it could be a sign of something else
Dandruff is ordinary a sign of a dry scalp.  This can be dealt with through the use of the right prescription shampoo and other medication, as advised. However, if you have persistent itching and crusting on the scalp, along with painful red patches on your neckline it could be seborrheic dermatitis. Do get it checked it out a reliable doctor like Dr Ray Woods. Dr. Woods is known across the world for pioneering the Woods technique, which you can read about in any Dr Ray Woods Review

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