Reasons to Build a Green Building

Green building is not a literally green building. It is not painted green, though it can be. The truth, however, is that it is any type of structure that makes use of a process that makes sure that it is environmental-friendly and resource-efficient.

Then again, getting a green house may not be that appealing. It costs plenty of money. True. Resource-efficient materials and plans do not cost less compared to conventional ways of building a house. However, the concept of green building applies to any sort of structure, and as far as any dictionary can tell you, a house is a structure.

For an average person to understand why a green building can benefit them, we need to break down its two main benefits and discuss them briefly in three ways.

  • Environmental-Friendly – A green building benefits from the use of the right materials that reduces its own emission of harmful gases, which also means that it reduces much of its waste. It also conserves water, makes use of water from other sources such as those that come from rain. The design also makes sure that temperature is regulated as much as possible, making the cold winters as manageable to live with as possible, and the hot summers not as irritating.
  • Economical – A green building reeks of energy and water savings. Temperature control makes it easily possible for a house not to rely much on heaters and air conditioners to control temperature. This, in turn, makes it possible to reduce maintenance and utility costs and expenses, as well as an increase in market value, making it very easy for a house to get a higher value if applies with green concept or upgraded to be so. Lastly, most governments give tax benefits to homeowners or in a more general sense, property owners, that makes use of sustainable architectural designs and concepts.
  • Social – Well, for one thing, a green house is a house that makes any homeowner proud. You can brag about it to your friends. You can tell them that you have tax benefits and they definitely will want to look into it as well. However, the best thing about a house that does not emit as much harmful gases and does not make use of equipment that can harm anyone’s health with prolonged exposure, ensures that you, as the homeowner, is as healthy as possible.

While this may only be a brief discussion of the three most important aspects that a sustainable building may affect, a further dissection of each one makes it highly possible to lead to dozens of more benefits.

This means that even though a green building is likely to cost you almost twice as much as a conventional building. It also means that you will build a structure that will last for twice as long, cost half as much in terms of maintenance and most important of all, a house that is as comfortable to live in as possible.

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