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Products and Practices for Better Looking Hair

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Having soft, shiny, and strong looking hair can do wonders for a person’s overall beauty: it can make anyone look healthier, more put together, and even younger.

There are many silly, expensive, and sometimes potentially damaging concoctions marketed as hair products that don’t actually work. On the other hand, there are many simple, natural, and inexpensive solutions for achieving those beautiful, strong, and shiny locks you desire. Below is an overview of the various techniques you can use to get great looking hair.

Products to Avoid

Although dyes, relaxers, and hair extensions can be tempting, if you want strong and healthy hair, these damaging products should be avoided at all costs. Although they can look great in the short term, they eventually cause hair to fall out or thin, stunt hair growth, greatly damage your hair, or cause problems with your scalp. Hair dyes and relaxers can dry the hair out, making it extremely brittle and causing frayed split ends. Extensions put unnecessary weight on your hair and cause unsightly tangles, making your hair far more susceptible to breakage. Furthermore, it is helpful to be aware of the many conditioners and other hair products on the market that contain filler ingredients — such as alcohol — that actually damage your hair.

Products That Your Hair Will Love

When in doubt, opt for natural products if you would like to soften the texture, increase the strength, and improve the overall appearance of your hair. One of the best tried and true methods for achieving beautiful hair is to use natural oils in your hair and on your scalp. These will mimic the oils that your scalp glands produce in order to keep your scalp moisturized. Dry hair often occurs because these oils are not abundant enough to moisturize all of your hair as well; using hair oils will solve this problem. Coconut oil treatments are very popular on hair because the molecules in coconut oil are small enough to thoroughly penetrate and hydrate your hair. Coconut oil also serves as a medicinal aid for dandruff and even has antibacterial properties. A lesser-known but extremely effective way to hydrate your hair is to skip your commercial conditioner and keep your hair saturated with honey for several minutes instead. Honey is not only an antibacterial product, but is also moisturizing.

Practices for Healthier Hair

While what you physically put in your hair does matter, it is not the only thing to consider when trying to improve your hair. There are many other healthy hair habits to adopt as well. For instance, depending on the thickness and natural texture of your hair, it might not be a good idea to wash your hair daily. If you have thick hair, washing it too often can strip the hair of necessary oils before they have the chance to properly moisturize your hair.

What you consume also contributes to the health of your hair. Keeping yourself hydrated and having a well-rounded diet will give your hair the nutrition it needs to shine and grow.

Girl and hair

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