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Top Interior Design Flubs to Avoid

ID-10021444Are you looking around your home and feeling like it needs a bit of a make-over? Maybe there is just one room nagging at you, or maybe you are looking to overhaul several. No matter the size of the interior design project, you need to give it some careful thought before proceeding to create a space you truly love at a price you can afford. One of the best ways to increase your chances of success is educating yourself on some of the more common interior design snafus of people who came before you. Here are just a few of which you should be mindful.

Not Properly Budgeting

Boo…no one likes to think of budgeting. It is tedious. It is much more fun to just go out and buy stuff in a general price range we feel we can afford. Redecorating is exciting, and in all your zeal to beautify your home, you may get a little generous with the charge card, racking up purchases you really can’t afford. Or, you end up spending more on some elements than you thought you would, and don’t have enough left for some of the other things you were hoping to buy. Then you feel bummed out that you can’t complete your project. Before you hit the stores, make a game plan. Sit down and figure out exactly what you would like to do with the space. Work out how much you can afford to spend. Be patient. You may not have the money right now to do a complete overhaul. Just tackle a few things at a time if necessary.

Accessory Clutter

Accessories can really pull a room together and those little touches can make all the difference in the design scheme. In your redecorating excitement, it is all too easy to go overboard on the accessories. There are just so many beautiful things and you can’t resist. Before you know it, your tables are covered in knick knacks, you have way too many throw pillows and that area rug, while attractive, is just too much for the space. Less is more is a good mantra to follow when accessorizing your space.

Choosing Quantity over Quality

If you are on a budget, it can be tempting to skimp on quality so you can buy more ‘’stuff’’ for your redecoration efforts, and make a more dramatic change. But, if you really want to create a space you will love, focus on quality instead. That might mean buying one really nice painting for the living room rather than five chintzy looking ones you wanted to put throughout the house. It might mean buying that really nice couch for the living room and opting to keep your current bed for now, instead of trying to buy cheaper versions of both pieces.

Not Adhering to an Overall Color Scheme

The most attractive houses maintain an overall color scheme that flows through each room. Stick with three or four colors max. This will create a nice flow through the home and establish a strong foundation for your design concept. If you have an area rug in your living room that you really love, for example, choose a few colors from that and use them for your paint and fabrics.

Haphazard Designing

While you may end up changing your mind about certain things along the way, or get flashes of inspiration from thin air, it is usually a good idea to map out your redesign project before you start. Give some careful thought to exactly what you would like to do with the space. Go online or leaf through magazines to get inspiration and ideas.

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