Sport Vs Stadia: What Comes Out On Top

Local And Friendly

The good thing about local sports grounds and your local leisure center is just that; they are local and generally accessible to all. You are putting money back into your community and keeping the jobs there for the local residents in your area. Most of these grounds and centers are out of date now, often dilapidated and are economically unsound. A large majority of them have out dated energy sources that are not at all environmentally friendly, as well as being visually unappealing and taking away from the beauty of the surrounding landscape. Since these were first built we have had the very positive introduction of Texlon into the ‘sustainable building’ world, which is now a key aspect in a number of architects designs around the world. Texlon has proven so popular due to its green credentials as well as how aesthetically pleasing it is.

New Builds

New stadiums that are going up are using Texlon within the building structure of the roofs and walls. It is a very environmentally friendly product indeed and it prevents internally generated noise into the building, crating a more peaceful training area if being used for sports. It is self-cleaning too; when it rains the Texlon material cleans itself due to its anti-adhesive properties. This material is recyclable and is made up of many recycled components making it a very ‘Green’ material and very popular in the construction industry as designers and builders explore ever more ways of being greener.

One aspect of modern sports stadiums and indeed buildings in general is that more and more are being built in out of town locations so that they are accessible to as large a group of people as is possible. What this must be balanced against is the environmental considerations of people traveling to and from such sites. Thankfully, when architects and town planners design and build new buildings containing texlon, those out of town are almost always twinned with other environmentally friendly practices, such as park and ride travel facilities or heavily subsidized public transport to discourage excess car usage.

Economy Or Environment? Can They Co-Exist?

While there is no doubt that sustainable buildings are a hugely positive step forward for the environment, there will always be a feeling that the sport v stadia argument will always come down to money matters. Although a sustainable, multi-purpose community stadium is certainly an appealing proposition, there will always be question marks over how economically viable such an idea is.

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