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Why You Should be Using Guest Blogging Method More Often in 2013

Panda update hit many websites with low quality content and spammy SEO methods.  Google will pay even more attention to the quality content in the upcoming year.

Guest blogging was  the best and most advanced SEO tactic to get high PR backlinks to your website in 2012. I think this will continue in 2013. Guest blogging is a very powerful method to get backlinks from valuable blogs related to your niche.

Here I will explain the benefits of guest blogging and why you should use it more often:

You can build a Relationship with your fellow bloggers from the same niche and also build an authority – establishing a relationship with the other bloggers from your niche also means increasing your online presence. If you contribute on a regular basis instead of just “spit one blog post then go”, you will even build a stronger relationship. Guest blogging is also an opportunity for you to gain a status of expert in your niche. This means more targeted audience, hungry for your new articles. They will share each of your blog posts religiously. You can easily increase your targeted audience with  guest posting.

Business Opportunities

When I started to write about SEO and internet marketing in general, I couldn’t predict I will write this much. Now, beside writing articles on my Money Making Ideas blog and guest posts for other websites, I am also writing articles for other blog owners which means I am constantly  providing them a quality content which can increase the number of the visitors to their websites and drive more traffic. Creating a business connection with other bloggers also means you will have an opportunity to earn with your blogging skills.

SEO benefits of Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is essential tactic for natural search engine optimization. It isn’t easy to build high quality links. Therefore, in order to get a backlink from some valuable blog with high Page Rank, you need to provide a good content to them. It is a win-win situation – You will get a backlink (at least) and increase your audience. Blog owner will get a new quality blog post which will attract more readers to his blog.

What Is the Difference Between Successful and Unsuccessful Guest Posts?

 First of all, your guest posts should be informative and based on your own experience. That way you will have a chance to explain more thoroughly everything you know about the topic you are writing about. Your guest posts also should contain a beginner’s tips. Experienced bloggers are usually tie your guest post with similar guest posts on their website. It helps a lot because it is increasing visibility of your post on the other “sister posts” and also gives a blog owner a strong inbound link connection.

When you write, write naturally for the readers, not for the Google spiders. Remember, your guest blog needs to be an informative article with high quality, not some keyword stuffed low value blog post. Otherwise, any  serious blogger won’t accept it.

These are the fundamentals of Guest posting. Like I said, this method can increase number of high quality links pointed to your website if you are doing it in a right way. It is also a Panda-friendly strategy.

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