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Taking Care of Your Teeth as You Age

The post-modern lifestyle we follow and the food habits we are afflicted by, not only influence our heart, intestines, liver, or kidneys, but also our teeth which are supposedly the strongest bones of the human body. Taking care of your teeth demands attention, as the junks we eat gradually weaken our teeth and their roots. How many of us are aware about the measures we need to take to protect our teeth as we age? The answer is feeble and it is the truth that we are yet to learn the importance of tooth protection.

“Brushing twice a day”- golden rule to prevent prominent tooth problems.

Tooth decay is predominantly the reason behind most tooth fall cases in the elderly. Decay is a slow phenomenon which arises out of negligence in regular cleansing of teeth. It is a golden rule that brushing your teeth and gums twice a day could be the best protection for your teeth. This is because when you go to bed without brushing, the long hours of sleep is a hub for the enormous multiplication of the germs accumulated throughout the day. It is more important for people who have worn cosmetic braces to brush at least thrice a day, after every meal, with the prescribed type of brush.

Protecting the “enamel”- the fighting shield of your teeth

Human teeth are coated by a thick layer called “enamel” composed of 96% water and the rest being organic minerals. Interestingly, enamel is the hardest substance in human body. Yet, there are chances or gradual erosion of enamel as you age and it can also occur due to negligence. To protect your enamel:

  • Never brush harshly.
  • Reduce the intake of sugary, starchy or acidic substances and if consumed, rinse your mouth well after that.
  • Have cheese items occasionally to reduce the acidity in your mouth.
  • Use toothpaste which has minimum glycerin content. Glycerin has the tendency to form a layer that prevents the saliva from strengthening your enamel.
  • Pay regular visits to the dentist.

As you age, you might not know when a dental attack is likely to occur. It is best to keep them at bay by visiting your dentist regularly and of course, when you find symptoms of tooth problems. Remember to get the plaque buildup out from your teeth during these checks. Ask your dentist for the toothpaste that suits the nature of your teeth.

Here are a few more tips to shield your teeth as you age:

  • Oil pulling is an age old therapy practiced for strengthening the gums and the enamel. It removes all the germs accumulated on the gums and these germs might not completely get washed away with just brushing.
  • It is compulsory to floss your teeth often, especially after consuming meat products. Beyond the areas you can cover by brushing, there are untouched intrinsic side portions of your teeth. These are more likely to get decayed. Flossing right from your 20s is the best way to prevent this and if not, start from now onwards. Learn the proper method of flossing from your dentist or refer a good online resource.
  • Now that you are aging, it is high-time to reduce the intake of junk food and alcoholic beverages, to have a young teeth structure. Avoid too hot or too cold food stuff or drinks, and chewing gums and tobacco since they would first attack your enamel and gums.
  • Once in every week, brush with fine salt, which is also an ancient therapy to protect the sensitivity of your teeth roots and the gums too.

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