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Things You Should Avoid During Pregnancy

Every mother wants to nurture a healthy child in her womb. While building a healthy future for her child, a mother has a sacrifice on various things right from her pregnancy. In order to make your child’s stay completely safe and sound in your body; there are various things that you have to avoid. Your intense care for the baby will be incomplete without the don’ts in pregnancy. Let’s look at things that need to be avoided during pregnancy.

  • Smoking

We all know that smoking is injurious to health. For pregnant ladies, it is strictly not advised. Passing smoking is also harmful for the health. Both, passive smoking and firsthand smoking will have the same impact on health. A pregnant lady might end up with a low birth weight or premature births. Nicotine, present in the cigarettes, leads to very destructive results. It can hamper the general health of a human being. Its impact on the growing fetus is very much devastating.

  • Drinking

Alcohol has a great potential to have a very dangerous impact on your health. It can result in FAS, which stands for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. It happens due to frequent drinking habits during pregnancy. Its consequences will be bearded by the growing fetus in the form of malformation and retardation. It can lead to retardation in cognitive ability in growing children.

  • Take proper care of medication

Various researches show that the use of drugs and medication without any guidance can be very dangerous for growing fetus. It is not necessary for all the drugs to be safe for your health. Before you begin with any kind of medication, it is vital to consult your gynecologist. An unsafe medication can result in physical malformation, maladies and nervous system malformation.

  • Junk Food

A healthy diet is very much important for the growth of your child. Junk food does not contain all the proteins, vitamins and minerals. Hence, if you continue to eating junk food, it will not at all be nutritious diet for your kid. Any food that contributes to your health and nutrition is generally advised during pregnancy.

  • Cathode rays and hot soaking

The frequent exposure of a pregnant lady to the cathode rays and hot soaking is very dangerous in case of pregnancy. It can lead to miscarriages. Pregnant ladies must avoid sauna and water beds, which are equipped with electrified heaters. Due care must be exercised while going near any equipment/material which is even slightly radioactive in nature.

  • Toxoplasmosis

Cats are generally more prone to toxoplasmosis. In case you have cats or kittens at home, try to stay away from their waste boxes. A cat’s fecal matter can be a vulnerable source and it can result in fetal defects in the pregnant ladies.

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