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The Right Buzz: Knowing Your Seasonal Shaving Routines

Seasonal Shaving Routines

Winter tends to dry your skin and deteriorate your post-shaving itchiness. Both men and women suffer from such irritating experiences during the cold season. When it gets colder outside your skin gets cracked and dry. You need to pay closer attention to your winter-skin upkeep routines if you wish your skin to stay hydrated and soft this winter.

Dry skin, dull razors and the lack of moisturizer can become prime reason for skin irritation. Below, you will find a list of suggestions for how to reduce the side effects of shaving this winter:

Seasonal Shaving Routines

Simple set of rules

If you follow a simple set of suggested steps you can eliminate the razor burn problem once and for all. Never start shaving with cold water. Even if the temperature is low, you need to wait until your bathroom and water in the tap would get warm. Only warm water will hydrate and soften your skin and hair. Never skip this simple rule, otherwise your itchiness would get worse during the cold season.

Take a warm shower before you start shaving. Steam from the warm water will inevitably soften your hair and prepare your skin. In case you have no time for a proper shower, you can apply a wet cloth to the shaving area and wait for five minutes before start shaving.

Winter Exfoliation

If you skip this essential step, you might regret it later when you get outside and your face would be attacked by the low temperatures. Don’t forget about exfoliation before and after shaving. This way you will significantly reduce the after-shaving side effects by making your skin smoother. Exfoliation also helps to get rid of the dead skin for a cleaner and closer shave, whereas after shave exfoliation will prevent ingrown hairs.

Shaving cream

Don’t forget to use shaving lotion, shaving oil or cream. The right shaving product will soften your hair and allow the closer shave. Shaving with water will irritate your skin while shaving creams will provide sufficient hydration. Your skin becomes more sensitive in winter – that is why hydration is important.

People with sensitive skin have to pay close attention to the shaving products they choose. Shaving creams and shaving oils for sensitive skin are great.

The right direction

Shaving direction is also important. If you shave against the hair growth you will only damage your skin and increase the risk of ingrown hair.

There is no doubt that shaving against the grain is cleaner and closer. If you want to go over the same spot twice make sure you apply extra shaving cream.

New razor

The quality of your razor affects the quality of your shaving. Dull razors will irritate your skin and increase the amount of ingrown hair. If you’re planning on shaving a sensitive area of your body you need to use a fresh razor and a lot of shaving cream for a clean shave.

You can reuse your razor several times on less sensitive areas. Don’t forget to rinse the blade after every swipe. When you’re done shaving, don’t leave your razor wet, but use your towel to clean it – otherwise the water will erode the blades.

Sensitive skin – sensitive approach

Men with sensitive facial skin should use products suitable for their skin type. Shaving cream with aloe will moisturize and soften your skin in winter. Apply your shaving cream on your face and let it sit for a bit before you start shaving. This way your hair and skin would soften.  Just like some women use male shaving products, you may try using your girlfriend’s shaving lotion, as shaving products for women tend to be more hydrating. After all, it doesn’t matter if you use shaving cream in a pink or blue packaging. These differences are relative.

Men should have a brush to apply the shaving cream. You can evenly apply your shaving cream by using a badger hair shaving brush.

After shave care

Hydrocortisone cream is great at preventing any ingrown hair. Apply this cream right after shaving to reduce the risks of irritation. Even though some people don’t like its smell, this cream can work miracles. Avoid using it on a daily basis as it causes addiction thus reducing its effectiveness. Don’t forget to apply your moisturizer after shaving.

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