Tips for Throwing a Costume Party


While you may rightfully think of Halloween when it comes to costume parties, you can throw one for any occasion or no occasion at all. A good costume party is not all that difficult to achieve if you follow some basics guidelines. Here are some helpful tips for making your costume party where fun will be had by all.

Theme or Free-for-All?

The first step is deciding whether you want to have a theme or a party where everyone can come dressed as whatever they want. A theme party be fun but also more involved, since you want to use decorations, food and entertainment that are in line with it. Some ideas include Hollywood, sports figures, flappers and gangsters, desert island or literature themes. If you will be inviting all couplescheck out these funny group Halloween costume ideas that are good for any occasion for some inspiration.

Costume Contest

No costume party would be complete without a contest naming best costume. Ask guests to write a bit about their character and costume, and you can read it as they walk down a makeshift runway you constructed for the contest. Have prizes for the best three. Not only is this a fun time, it will encourage people to bring their A-game when putting together their costume.

Have Extra Costumes on Hand

Lots of people like costume parties—dressing up as someone else can feel freeing and liberating. Someone who is usually shy may come out of his shell a bit, while someone who is usually a bit uptight is flowing with the jokes all night. But, then you have the buzzkills who think dressing up is stupid, and think it is perfectly okay to come to your costume party without a costume. Keep a few costumes on hand for the people who you suspect will come in their everyday wear.

Game Ideas

Costume parties create the perfect game atmosphere—everyone is feeling loose, fun and silly. Put a costume-themed twist on Charades by making the person who is taking his turn act something out that is associated with his character. Sit around and have everyone participate in creating a story—if you have a themed party, make it something relevant. Record and play it back for everyone to listen to right away—it will get some good laughs.

‘’Two truths and a lie’’ can be great fun, and a way to get to know your guests better. It is pretty self-explanatory—the person tells three facts about himself, with two things being true and the other being lie, and the other guests have to guess which is which. Another fun game is having partners sit with their backs to each other, with one pulling an object from a bag, and instructing the other what to draw, without naming the object; consider using objects that fit with the theme of your costume party. ‘’Dangling Donuts’’ is great fun, but can be a bit messy—hang donuts by a string from a clothes line so they come to chin length and have people eat them without using their hands—person to finish first wins a prize.

About the Author: Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who blogs about all things entertainment and parties.

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