Reasons Why Cuban Cigars are the Best in the World

Cuban cigars are world renowned.

Cuban cigars are famous around the globe, and considered to be the best in the world. Whether you like a cigar every day or only on special occasions, you simply must try a Cuban at some point in your cigar-smoking journey!

But what is it that makes these cigars really stand out amongst the crowd? There are so many types of cigars available that you might wonder why these are so different. There are many reasons that Cuban cigars are considered to be the best in the world; below is a guide explaining the great selection of cuban cigars available and their redeeming factors.

Experience and Environment

Cuba has been growing tobacco for hundreds of years, beginning first under the rule of King Phillip II in the 1500s. The vast experience that they have in the cigar making business only serves to enhance their quality products today.

Cuban cigars are world renowned.

Cuban cigars are world renowned.

Cuba itself is the perfect environment for growing tobacco. The country’s soil allows the plants to produce very high quality leaves, and the humidity of the island is simply ideal for both growing and drying the plants. The combination of great weather and hundreds of years’ experience culminate in what is considered to be the world’s best cigars.

High Quality

As the cigar industry in Cuba is under direct control of the government there is a very high standard of product quality control. The government regulations rigorously ensure that every single cigar leaving the factor is flawless.

It is estimated that it takes 100 steps to properly produce a single Cuban cigar. Factories follow a specific design and creation process that has been much the same for many years, drawing from their abundance of experience. The care and attention that goes into each cigar is clearly evident, and this is possibly one of the primary reasons that they are the best cigars around.

One Type of Tobacco

Although you might not realise it, most cigars are made from a blend of various types of tobacco. This is not necessarily a bad thing as many people enjoy the fusion. However, Cuban cigars are made purely from Cuban tobacco and Cuban tobacco alone.

Montecristo cigars are a famous name

Montecristo cigars are a famous name

This is very noticeable in that Cubans often have a stronger taste and aroma then most other cigars. It is for this reason that some people do not immediately like Cuban cigars, especially if they are not used to smoking. Many consider Cuban cigars to be an acquired taste, but definitely the best cigars in the world because of their pure form.  

Not Widely Available

Cuban cigars are not widely available, and there are many fakes on the market. Cuban cigars are primarily for sale in Cuba, Canada, Mexico and online. Unless you’re going on holiday any time soon it’s probably best to get them online.

Genuine Cuban cigars have an unmistakable taste and aroma that simply cannot be copied. However, just from looking at one it can be hard to tell if you are buying a fake or not. Therefore it is best to buy from reputable dealers who have good recommendations from other customers.

The fact that so many companies try to replicate these fantastic cigars and that the real things are not widely available is surely a testament to their quality.


The cigar that you like the most is completely a personal thing, but it seems to be that many people’s overriding choice is the Cuban. With so many fantastic features and so much effort going into the creation process of each individual one, it’s easy to see why these great cigars are so very popular worldwide.


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