Top 5 Must-have Apps for Travelers

“Travel is the only thing you buy, that makes you richer”. Well, whoever said this, surely knew what bliss travel can give you. So, when your bags are packed and you are ready to go, always keep in mind that being prepared is the best answer to the, “what I’ll do if…?” problem during your travel. Here we give you a lowdown on the basic top five apps that you should definitely have when you are off on your next destination.

  1. 1.   Google Maps: An avid traveler is the one who’ll venture into unknown places and go exploring the local food, tastes, preferences, culture, traditions, et al. But, every traveler needs to have a little basic know-how of the roads less travelled and of the best means to get to a place. Google Maps is the best answer to this. The satellite system guides you especially when the locals don’t understand your language.
  2. 2.   TravelSafe Pro: This one provides for exactly what it says. If your passport goes missing when you are travelling and making the most of your time, this app has the embassy details too. It also has a database with all the emergency service numbers for just about any country or city that one may ever visit or may never. For those who just don’t want to take any chances, they can pin the emergency numbers for the police, ambulances and fire engine right on their home screen.
  3. 3.   Skype: The time you travel, is the time when you want to isolate yourself from the people you know and become one with the people of the new beautiful place you are in. But an app like Skype is the most useful, should you connect with your concerned spouse or enquiring boss and colleagues or with your friends who want to know about the cool new place you are chilling at. So Skype provides for free video calling for a real time chat with a closed one at no costs. One definite must-have app.
  4. 4.   Wi-Fi finder: While travelling around in countries where your phone internet charges are really expensive, this one app can save you money as and when possible. The app helps you find free and paid Wi-Fi hotspots that are nearest to you so that you can browse through the internet at the lowest possible cost and get your work done.
  5. 5.   OANDA currency converter: When in another country and want to get currency converted, this app is of utmost help. It converts 190+ currencies based on the latest exchange rates and even four precious metals. Simple and efficient and even works in offline mode. You can even implement the 2% ATM rate and 3% credit card rate when you calculate your expenses in a foreign country.

In addition to these flight-tracking, hotel-tracking, taxi/bus/train tracking apps are also of great use while travelling. So next time, have a worry-free and fun trip and keep exploring!

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