Cycling And The Olympic Effect

Olympic Effect

The Olympics – something almost everyone looks forward too. Weather it be to see who will be the next biggest and best athlete, supporting your home country, or even having just general interest in the sports taking place! The Olympics has many different ways to reach out to a wide range of people, and get everyone involved – young or old, male or female, there is always something that will grab your attention during the Olympics and get you hooked! Especially when it’s in your home country…

London 2012 wanted to inspire a generation, and encourage bright, new, young athletes to take up a new sport, try something different, get fit, and have fun! They wanted to encourage young people in the UK to take up a new sport, and follow their ambitions of the sports men and women who had done so well – and make them realise that they too could be a gold medalist athlete – and why not?!

However, nearly a year on from London 2012, and there has been much discussion over weather or not the Olympics has had that much of an effect on the way the UK view sports… There is no doubt that the Olympics has had a positive effect on the UK, and the world when it comes to sports! However, how much of an impact has it had on your life?

This infographic below examines how much of an effect the London 2012 Olympics has had on the UK! It looks specifically at cycling, and sees exactly what positive impact the Olympics has had on the world. Looking into facts and figures of bike sales, to the amount people cycle, to searches made online for cycling! This infographic looks into a lot of the facts, to see if the Olympics really has made a difference.. What do you think?

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