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10 Steps to Develop Conversion Optimization Strategy for Your Campaign

conversion optimization strategy

Conversion optimization is a combination of art and science. You need to have aesthetic mindset and should also depend on some calculation to develop this strategy. When this strategy is not developed properly, your site might have to face high bounce rate, high abandonment rates, low opt in rates, etc. In such cases, the results would be of high cost per sale. Hence it is very much necessary to develop conversion optimization strategy. Following are the ten steps to be kept in mind while developing your conversion rate optimization strategy:

  1. Business Goals & Website Objectives should be Aligned: Identify the primary objects of your business. Now, create a list of website objectives. Ensure that both of them are in alignment. If they are not aligned, take necessary steps to align them.
  2. Identifying Steps in Conversion Funnels:  Conversion Funnel is a series of steps needed by visitor for completing an action on the site. You have to identify the funnels and have to imagine possible scenarios. Create a prioritized list.
  3. Have good Hypothesis: The output will be mostly based on the input given to the system. In the same way, results of your conversion optimization campaign will be depending on your hypothesis. Hence it is necessary to have great hypothesis to get great results.
  4. Improve conversions regularly: Conversion optimization is not a one – time task. You have to check your site regularly and have to improve your conversion continuously.
  5. Avoid common mistakes: You should always be ready to learn new things for the betterment of your campaign. You should ensure that you are avoiding common mistakes that are committed in such campaigns. For this, you should be ready to learn from your mistakes and others’ mistakes too.conversion optimization strategy
  6. Identifying Test opportunities: You have to try different things on your website and find out which one is working best for your requirements. Those tricks which might be helpful for your, might not do well in your case. In the same way, what works for you might not work for others; hence you should always try different combinations and know what works well.
  7. Analyzing the Results: When you are not analyzing your results and changing the game plan as per the results, you might end up getting the same old results. Based on the results obtained, you have to improve your strategies. Then only you can find some improvement.
  8. Try different Designs: Along with testing different contents, it is also good to test with different design aspects. Design is the most appealing thing to the visitor and it should be professionally looking.
  9. Personalization is also important: Make necessary changes to the site such that customer interests are protected and are highlighted. This way, customers will feel that the site is personalized and would prefer to develop interaction with that site.
  10. Testing Annual Loyalty:  Test how frequently your loyal customers would visit your site. Note that they won’t make purchases every time they visit. Knowing the frequency of visiting the site by loyal customers, will help in serving them better.

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