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Web Design Features That Must be Avoided

web design features tips

If you are creating a website or are hiring someone else to do it for you, you must have certain features in mind. Presumably, you would want to include anything and everything that can make your website look attractive and increase the incoming traffic. While going through the process, however, it is important to learn from examples. There are several techniques out there which are used very commonly but are not effective. You must not, therefore, simply go for features because they are used a lot. What you need to judge is the effectiveness of web design features. You must make sure that you do not include features that can annoy visitors and repel them. Here are some of these features you must totally avoid.

web design features tips

For one, it is very important to ignore a great web design if it does not conform to the theme of the website. This is a common mistake that web designers often make, owing to the fact that they get carried away with the millions of ideas available. You must, however, remember that a great-looking design will be of little use if it does not complement the idea of the website. While a design may be attractive, it will not sell products if it does not include the required information. The purpose, therefore, must not be overpowered by the appearance.

Another very important mistake that must be avoided is too much variety. Yes, you read that right. In order for a website to be seen as one, you must not go overboard with themes. For example, if your homepage shows off a certain color combination and a great font, you must not change it on every page. Various designs on different pages of a website can make it look scattered and users may not be able to view it as one website. Obviously, using a combination of colors or fonts is a great way of attracting attention. The key, however, is to make sure that you do not go overboard with this and stick to a certain style.

Another feature which is commonly included in websites is background music. This, however, may be a great put-off for certain kinds of websites. If you own a commercial website, for example, it would not be a great idea to include inappropriate music in your website. In order to make sure that this does not happen, you must look at the people who will be browsing your website. If the website is aimed at a formal business class, people will likely be using it at work and a sudden outburst of music can certainly be annoying. Therefore, while music is not a bad idea, it must not be included in a commercial website unless totally appropriate.  Similarly, you must also avoid the use of other features that can drive the user’s attention away from the actual page. An example is that of flashy headers, which can be annoyingly distracting if they are too bright or flashing through images too often.

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