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3 Things You Can Do To Get Your Dream Engagement Ring

Let’s face it…if you are thinking of getting married, the thought of the ring has probably crossed your mind at least once. Maybe even a few times. I don’t blame you. It’s an investment, as you will be wearing this piece of art for many years to come…every day, through everything you do.

So, of course you will want some input on something that will be an extension of your being. However, many of us are not so bold as to say I am going to go out and pick out my own ring, and take that joy away from your soon-to-be fiance. That, and the element of some surprise is appealing, isn’t it?

Giving him some ideas, maybe 3-4 styles that you would like, and letting him narrow it down with his choice, might be the way to go. There are 4 easy ways that you can do to assure you get a ring you like, and that he still feels as though he is picking it out.

#1 Collect Photos of Your Dream Ring

The easiest way is to probably just show him some photos. You can do this in a few different manners, and all will give him great insight in what you are looking for, as well as giving him the freedom to make a choice.

  • Cut Out Photos – The old fashioned way of doing this is to cut out photos in magazines. Bridal magazines will have plenty of photos you can choose from, with various styles. The down side to this method is that most magazines are not designated for jewelry alone, so the photos and ads are only scattered throughout. The other problem I see with this is that if you are buying magazines, the cost is going to add up quickly.
  • Email Photos You Find Online – You will find many sites on the Internet that will give you several options to choose from. You can then link these photos into an email and send it to your soon-to-be fiancé. The great part about this method is that it’s free, and the choices are abundant. However, linking so many is going to clog up his email, and it can become confusing.
  • Use Pinterest for Sharing Ideas – This is a great method, in my opinion. You have the options of finding just as many rings, styles, and even information on clarity and cut, all right on the Internet. Once you find something you like, you can then ‘pin’ it on your Pinterest board. In fact, you can have a board specifically just for this alone. There will be jewelers on Pinterest as well who provide ideas to add to your collection. This is something you can give your boyfriend access to, so he can monitor your choices, print them out, and run with it. He can also add something to your board to see if you like it. It’s a great way to share, and to find out if you are on the same page.

Whatever method you decide to share photos, you are at least giving him some sound information on what you want, as well as a way to print it out to take with him when he is ready to make the purchase.

#2 Go Shopping for Ideas

If you go shopping together to look for rings, you will definitely be able to give him an idea of what you like…and equally important, what you don’t like. The problem with this method is that you are going to be limited in what you see. For example, one store will not have nearly the choice you would have on the Internet. The positive however, is that you can try them on to see how they look on your hand.

Now, if you are looking for a more subtle approach, you can take him shopping for cheap diamond earrings, and simply walk over to the engagement rings to see if he will follow.

#3 Send Him out Shopping with Someone

If he is a bit old fashioned, perhaps he would prefer to go out on his own to pick out the ring.

That’s not a problem. I have a solution for that as well.

Have a friend or family member offer to go with him shopping. Now, the only way this will work is if they know what you like. Enter Pinterest, again. Anyone who might be willing to help you out with this should have access to your Pinterest boards so they can view what you are hoping for, and then print it out to share with him.

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