4 Things to Know about Working in the Aviation Industry

Aviation Industry

Are you dreaming of working in the aviation niche? Helping people get from point A to point B can be a rewarding and prospering experience. It’s great to be excited about working in an airport but tempering your enthusiasm may be a good idea. You’ll need to work long, hard hours in an environment dominated by deadlines.

Embrace the negatives and positives of working in the aviation industry to decide if it’s the right niche for you to explore.

Aviation Industry

Be Prepared for Long Irregular Hours

Be prepared to work long, irregular hours in the aviation industry. Toss aside those dreams of working a steady 9-5 at least until you’ve gained seniority. It may be a number of years before you can move forward from the afternoon or overnight shift.

Workers in the travel industry often cut their teeth working from 4 PM to midnight or midnight to 8 AM to cover shifts. Senior workers usually nail down the coveted 8 AM to 4 PM slot. Remember that you may be asked to work double shifts as well. This job is not for someone who craves stability and a normal, run of the mill schedule.

Make Sure You’re Passionate about Flying

If you plan on being around planes all day long you better be passionate about flying. Working to earn a paycheck in a potentially stressful industry can make you unhappy. Stop wasting your time if you just want to get paid. Do you enjoy flying? Do you dream of traveling? Cashing in on free miles or free flights is one benefit you’ll be able to enjoy while working for an airline or within a terminal. Make sure you truly love flying before committing a significant chunk of your life to the aviation niche.

This is a high stress but rewarding industry. You’ll be giving up many weekends, working late nights and early mornings to cut your aviation niche teeth. People may see the benefits of working for an online but forget the long, hard hours of work and sacrifices you must make to build a career in the airline industry.

If you do have a love of travel and don’t mind working in a pressurized, time-sensitive environment you may just have found the right career for you.

Build Up Your Resume through Internships

Be a professional by working without pay to build up your resume. Whether you’re focusing on aviation meteorology or becoming a pilot you can work your way into the niche by doing internships. In some cases you may even be able to get paid. Simply do what you need to do to open doors. If you’re studying a major focused on aviation one of your professors can hook you up with an internship opportunity at a local airport. You may be able to earn credits for the hours you work too.

Working internships looks great on your resume and can give you the competitive edge you need to get a job in the airline industry.

Build Your Network

First and foremost it helps to build a large, responsive network of people who can assist you in your job search. Word of mouth marketing reigns supreme in the aviation industry as it does for any industry.

You’re likely to find a job opportunity through friends in this niche. If you’ve networked with employees at a local airport you’re increasing your job options. A controller or worker on the tarmac can notify you to any job openings before the opportunity is made available on job boards. Such is the power of building your friend network.


Travel junkies can etch out an awesomely fulfilling career in aviation. You can fly free all over the world if you’re willing to put in the time. Carefully weigh out the pros and cons of working in the airline niche before you devote your precious time and energy pursing a career in aviation. By getting the facts about this niche you can make an educated decision for your present and future.

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