Basics to Making a Web 2.0 Website

web 2.0 tips web designs

The trends of the wonderful World Wide Web are evolving every day. When one thing comes out for the Internet, something newer is not too far behind making the Internet changing all the time. When it comes to designing your website, you should be well versed in the newest trends in web 2.0. This is an ever evolving door because it brings so much more to your Internet experience than the older version, web 1.0 ever did. Here are some tips to help you keep up with web 2.0 when designing your website.

web 2.0 tips web designs

Keep it Simple

You don’t want to have to design and build a complicated website. There is a misconception to the whole web 2.0 thing that if you want it good then it has to be difficult. This is not true at all. If you want it good you can also have it simple and as simple as possible. Having a nice clean layout that is easy to navigate will bring in many visitors.

Text Size

Your web 2.0 website needs to look good as well as be easy on the eyes. This means keeping the text size large in the important areas and smaller in the not so important areas. Paying careful attention to the text size will be appealing to your audience because not only do some people have a hard time seeing the smaller font but some people just skim over information. When they skim over information and the text size is big in the important sections, they will be able to read what they want to without having to squint or spend too much time on it.


Keep the layout easy to navigate. When designing your web 2.0 website, leave blank spaces throughout the web pages. Also, have the website be centered with the focal point of the browser to allow for easier navigation. Another thing to do with the layout with web 2.0 is to keep the header all throughout the webpage. This is good because it will allow for all of the important information to keep being seen even when a visitor scrolls down. This is a great way to get the message out about your business and product.

Easy to Load

You also want your website to be easy and fast to load. You definitely don’t want visitors leaving because the website won’t load easy or fast enough for them. You need to get the visitors attention fast because they won’t stick around for a website that takes too long to load or one that has to keep being refreshed to keep it loaded.


So, keep it simple. Make it easy on the eyes and easy to navigate. You also want to make sure it will load easy and fast. Also, make sure the layout is simple with nice, soft colors to keep the visitors attention. By keeping these tips in mind when designing your new website, you will be sure to bring in the visitors you want and need.

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