Designing Your Very Own Mobile Phone Games Is Now As Easy As 1-2-3

One of the fast rising and the biggest money-making industry nowadays is the mobile game industry. With new software development kits a.k.a. SDKs being released in the most popular platforms each day, and numerous prospective customers, it is now easy to design as well as create your very own mobile phone game. In this article, we will delve deeper on the Android software development kits.

One of the most important aspects of the mobile phone game development is brainstorming. Now, you can make mobile games despite not having any technical programming skills if you plan your ideas well and see what available resources you may work with. At the Android help site are suggested frameworks for games and apps that you may use free of charge to come up with your very own game within an hour or less.

mobile phone design

As soon as you have your own concept, you will have to create the artwork. The basic standard for mobile games are images that come in the sizes of 128×128 in dimension, and 16×16 for characters and or anything in between those ranges for other special effects. Make use of about 8 colors each in jpg format to downsize the costs, in its entirety your game must just be small to fit the cell phone framework.

Next, create a brand new game play for your new mobile phone game. Your game must be linear enough to avoid any future dead ends. Afford your players some room for flexibility but nevertheless keep them moving towards the end of your mobile game.

Add your own artwork with your overall game plat and compile your engine utilizing Visual Basic. Be sure to have Android SDK and libraries installed. After that, open VB, open your project file and then click on quick compile J2ME. You will be able to test your game, and as soon as it is successfully working to your preference you are now all set for the final phase.

Using your Gmail address, register as an Android Developer at the Android Marketplace. This will enable you to submit mobile phone apps and games to the market so that people can download and freely enjoy playing your games. Subsequently, set a price for an upgraded version of your game. In case you still want beta testers, then offer it for free with an expiry from the time of download which in some cases can be up to 60 days only. Once your app is approved for sale, sit back, relax, and expect your weekly dividend checks based upon your mobile game sales.

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