Dinner Party Ideas That Will Drive Your Guests Wild

dinner party

If it’s been ages since you had all of your friends in one room, it’s time to host a dinner party.  But if you don’t want to settle for some boring chicken dish or roast beef, try one of these creative dinner party ideas:

dinner party

1.  A finger food fiesta

If you’ve got a ton of friends you want to invite over — but don’t have a ton of space for them to actually sit down and have a formal meal — focus on finger foods.  That way, you can fit everything on a few well-decorated tables, and you can skip the folding chairs and the fancy place-settings.

If finger foods don’t sound all that filling, think again!  You can make sure each of your guests leaves full by having a ton of salsas, dips, fine cheeses, sliced fruit, and other yummy appetizers on hand.  Then, have plenty of hand-held entress — like shish kabobs and crab cakes.  You can even make traditional foods more finger-friendly — like having mini quiches, mini hamburgers, and mini sandwiches.

In addition to having a great menu, your finger food fiesta will also make it easier for guests to mingle.  After all, they won’t be confined to chairs!

2.  Go around the world

Want your dinner party to be a global affair?  Serve food from every corner of the world!

If you’re not sure how to cook all of that different cuisine, order it in!  You can get everything from Chinese, to Italian, to Thai, to Vietnamese, to Indian, to Mexican delivered right to your door.  That way, you can focus your efforts on finding really cool decorations and music, instead of trying to master the art of cooking in 10 different countries!

3.  Serve breakfast for dinner

You don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn to enjoy things like bacon, pancakes, and French toast.  If you want to go all out, make “fancy” breakfast foods — like Eggs Benedict, frittatas, and chicken and waffles.  You can even set up an omelet station if you want to.  Or, if you’ve got a deep fryer, you can even make your own doughnuts!

4.  Have dessert for dinner

Remember when you were a kid and you wanted chocolate cake for dinner?  Now that you’re all grown up, there are no parents to stand in your way!  You and your guests can feast on a sugar smorgasbord — like cakes, pies, brownies, and cookies.  If you want to get “fancy”, set up table where guests can make their own ice cream sundaes, or rent a chocolate fountain.

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