DIY Christmas Decorations

christmas decorations

Christmas is a time of year that many people love and hate. They love the reason for the season but they hate the amount of money that they have to come out of their pockets and spend on decorations – especially families who have children. However, the good news is you can make your own decorations that will look fantastic while keeping your wallet healthy. These are just a few simple ideas that you may want to consider before going out to the store to purchase premade ones.

christmas decorations


Ornaments can be one of the most expensive decorations that you will find yourself having to purchase during the Christmas season. So, it can be a good idea to make those if you can. Not to mention the fact that when you decide to make them you are insuring that your family is going to have some memories on their tree each and every year. Additionally, if you have children it can be a good way to get them involved in the holiday decorations so they do not feel as though they have been left out in any way.

Christmas Dishes

Many families have a tradition of having a big Christmas gathering and they feel obligated to have Christmas dishes available to show off to all of their guests. However, Christmas dishes can be very expensive so it can be a good idea to make them yourself if you have the time. If you need some ideas as to how to make your own Christmas dishes try doing a simple search on the web or Pinterest and you are sure to run across some great ideas.

Christmas Pictures

If you have no money to go out and spend on the Christmas décor for your home get down with your little ones and create some different Christmas pictures to hang throughout your home. These are pictures that you are going to cherish for the rest of your life and when your guests come over they are going to compliment your little ones work which will boost their ego. Not to mention the fact that this is another way to spend time together during the holiday season and if you have fun doing it you could even make it into a Christmas tradition.


Many people have flags out from of their homes for various occasions and Christmas is not one of the times that are excluded. Not to mention the fact that it is very easy to create flags on a stick. By making it yourself you can have the exact flag that is being sold in stores for twenty or more dollars for only a fraction of the price. If you become really good at it, you could even, consider selling your work for extra holiday cash.

These are the basic DIY Christmas decoration ideas. However, there are plenty more where those come from. You just have to get creative and you are sure to be able to create something wonderful and brilliant.

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