Dog Skin Problems Related to Winter

dog skin problems related to winter

Now that we are heading into winter, are you feeling cold? Are your lips chapped? What about your hands and face? Does your skin feel dry? Now, imagine for a second what your dog could be feeling. And your pooch can’t go buy moisturizer or salve all by himself!

Dogs have things in common with people when it comes to the cold

There are many issues that people face that dogs do as well, so it’s no surprise that dogs, like us, may be feeling effects with the weather. And unlike people, dogs have no control over their temperature – they can’t exactly put a sweater on at will or turn on the thermostat on their own.

However, most dogs have fur coats, unlike people. So some people think that the winter doesn’t affect them. Well, while it’s true that thanks to the fur, they don’t get as cold as people can, they still get cold in the winter. In addition, their extremities get affected by the weather. That means their paws, nose, lips, and ears can especially feel the cold. So they can get dry skin and skin irritation, just like people do.

dog skin problems related to winter

So what can you do? Well, here are a few tips:

  • Put a sweater on your dog: If you have a big, furry dog who is used to the cold weather, like the type of dogs who run the Iditarod, this is not always necessary. But if your dog is tiny, like a Chihuahua, or ill, or elderly, or has arthritis, putting a sweater or a jacket on your pooch is a good idea, to warm them up and protect them from the elements. And, of course, you could always put a sweater on your dog as a fashion statement just for fun.
  • Make sure they have the right diet: Feeding your dog foods with fatty oils like omega-3 acids can make a difference when it comes to how your pooch handles the winter weather.  In addition, you may want to talk to your vet to see if you should feed your dog vitamins with omega-3 acids.
  • Use a salve or spray to help your dog: There are all sorts of salves, sprays and moisturizers that you can use to help treat dog skin problems. You can give one of them a try and see if it helps with your dog’s winter skin problems.

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