Get The Exposure You Need With Virool

Exposure equals business. Getting plenty of exposure from your advertising campaign gains plenty of extra trade and attention towards your company. When it comes to advertising, the world wide web is a huge marketing opportunity. You need affordable, quick and often specific campaigns when trying to make your business grow. Virool help you target your videos to whoever you want, on a variety of platforms and allow you to view your statistics in real time.

Platforms Aplenty

When attempting to have your content go viral, it’s hard to know what platform to advertise on. Virool offers businesses with plenty of platform options and opportunities; be it popular social media networks, mobile applications or blog sites. Having these options means you can tailor your advertising campaign to the demographics and audiences you want. With this collection of platforms available, you can reach new areas of the market you might not have reached before. For example, Virool is partnered with big firms who help produce viral mobile applications. Having a video advertisement within the application creates positive buzz and will grow your companies image with a new market.

Real Time Statistics

When entering into an advertisement campaign, statistics and figures help you understand where and when your content is being viewed and engaged with. Having these numbers available in a timely manner can help sway a decision regarding whether the campaign is successful, or needs tweaking in order to gain more views. Virool offers these statistics in real time in a dashboard you can visit online. Not only can you see where the views are coming from in general, but you can see it down to individual site level. Other statistics include views, shares, clicks and geo-location. Shares and clicks are a great way to see if your content is engaging to viewers of the advert. Geo-location is important when it comes to seeing where your advert is tracking the best, and where your future businesses may be most successful. This aids in offering vital insight into where your campaign is going. Along with this, Virool offers you the opportunity to change platforms on the fly, allowing you to customise your campaign as you go.


Quick Exposure

Virool operates on a simple process for a business to begin their advertisements campaigns. When provided with a Youtube link, Virool ask for your set targets and demographics. Once these have been finalised, the video is then published around the Internet. It’s that simple, Virool make sure that a video can be online, published on various platforms in less than 5 minutes of setup. Having your campaign up in a good amount of speed is vital when beating competition. If you can get your advertisements up in a popular platform before a competitor, the benefits can be massive.

Specific Demographics

When looking to advertise, there are times when you want to target a certain audience and demographic. We have already touched upon the great range of platforms Virool uses, and this allows for precise and specific demographic targeting. Some of the platforms used allow you to target a certain audience. For example, Virool advertises on LinkedIn, which is seen as more professional. Should you want more professional people in your audience and have them engage with your content more, that would be the platform to target. Having these options, coupled with the quick exposure point above, companies have the opportunity to target a specific demographic quickly and effectively.

Virool does plenty to give your business the exposure you need. Be it the wide variety of platforms, specific demographic targeting or host of real time statistics – they all give your business the highest possible chance of reaching new audiences as well as expanding ones you currently have.

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