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How to Keep The Kids Entertained this Winter

kids entertainment

kids entertainment

Between cold weather and school, kids spend a lot of time cooped up indoors during the winter. All of this confinement can lead to hyper children with cabin fever. Despite the cold weather, it is possible to find ways to keep your kids entertained and out of your hair this winter. Here is a list of some ideas to try.

1.  Invest in Some New Books

Find some new books that cater to your child’s interest. For one child, that may mean a book about airplanes while for another a children’s mystery. If you are not sure what your kids will like, take them shopping and let them pick out the book themselves. If your kids aren’t prone to start reading on their own, have a designated reading time during the day. Soon your kids will come to see it as a normal part of the day, and you will have some quiet time to relax.

2. Encourage Imagination

Go ahead and let your kids build that pillow fort in the living room. If you have the time, jump in and play pirates or cowboys and Indians with them. Once your kids start to get the idea, they will play with that fort for hours. Just make it a rule to have it put away before dinner.

3. Do Some Crafts

Involve your kids in creating the holiday décor by helping them create a Christmas wreath or decorate their own Christmas stocking. There are also lots of craft studios around that provide all of the materials you need to paint a ceramic or mold your own clay. If your child gets into it, purchase some craft supplies your child can use on their own or consider enrolling them in a once-a-week art class.

4. Bring Out New Movies

Winter is the perfect time for some quiet movie time. By new movies, I don’t necessarily mean the new releases; old movies that are new to your kids are also a wonderful option. Pick a few movies every year that you want to introduce to your kids. Make it fun with treats, blankets and popcorn. If you are concerned about content, consider using a movie editing service.

5. Head Outdoors

Just because it is cold, doesn’t mean your kids can’t spend any time outdoors. Bundle the kids up and send them out to make a snow man or build a snow fort. Visits to civic centers to see holiday displays, is also a fun family activity.

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