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The Problems with Side Parking and How to Avoid Them

Problems with Side Parking

Side parking is not the forte of every driver out there. Most people who drive regularly are careful with their vehicles and don’t have many issues on the road. However, when it comes to parallel or side parking they are less than capable. Even after a series of lessons and instructions, most skilled drivers are unable to side park properly. The overwhelming nature of making sure you fit your car between two other cars without scratching them can make this an impossible task.

There are a number of problems that even an expert driver faces when trying to parallel park. These range from knowing which way to turn, reversing properly and using the rear view mirrors to their advantage. Parking policies are quite strict, especially in the US, and this is a prowess that all drivers should master.

Parking on Footways

Parking on footways is illegal in a majority of Western countries. Any sort of pavement or alleyways is not an open parking spot for your car, especially not for an attempt at side parking. Drivers make the mistake of illegally parking on footways and when they parallel park it becomes an even bigger issue. If you are between two cars parked illegally it will also mean your parking will have plentiful consequences.

Problems with Side Parking

The “Dent and Run”

If you are bad at side parking chances are that you have accidentally dented the vehicle on either side of you. The dent and run problem refers to those drivers who maim a car when it is parked and then leave the scene without assessing the damage or taking responsibility. What drivers should do in according with alternate side parking rules is to communicate with the other car owner. They can scan the license plate and let the owner know what has happened to their vehicle.

Disabled Spots are Not Free Space

Often you will see cars parallel parked in a disabled space the wrong way. This will take up the space that a person with special needs could have used for their vehicle. It will also be a problem for those who are at the other side of the wrongly parked car. Disabled lots are not free spaces where you can side park and get away with it.

Mirrors are not Ornamental

The rear view and back mirrors are there for you to be precise while turning and reversing your car. Most people will not even look at the mirrors and try to accomplish a perfect parallel park through their own instincts. This will most likely fail and result in either a dent or your stuck being stuck between the other two vehicles.


The parallel parking problem does not correlate to how good of a driver you are. It is a different kind of skill that needs to be practiced many times before you can do it effortlessly. Parking management has gotten stricter with regards to public spaces and their use by cars and other vehicles. Thus, side parking should be carefully done without room for any mistakes.

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